2 Middle Fingers Chopped Off and Sanded to The Bone:

The film is an instant classic, one that I’ll watch again and again and highly recommend to strangers in the street while wearing a saved by the bell half shirt an adult diaper and a sequenced and glitter emblazoned top hat equipped with an industrial strength strobe light rim

No Middle fingers up:

The film is perfect, I can find nothing to complain about and I would recommend it.

One Middle Finger A Quarter of the way extended:

The film is enjoyable but has some minor flaws, or could improve in some way.

One Middle Finger Up:

The film is somewhat enjoyable and has some good elements..but needs serious improvements and has serious flaws. These are the films that could actually benefit from a remake..if Hollywood weren’t a bunch of bottom feeding cocksuckers with a hard on for turning gold into shit.

2 middle fingers up:

These films are absolute shit! The filmmaker should be taken out into the street, drawn and quartered and then repeated flogged in the testicles with an angry badger and shot in the asshole at a distance of 4 centimeters with frozen paint balls with shoe tacks inserted in their centers in front of a group of his or her friends and peers. These movies aren’t just bad they may cause eye cancer for 4 generations.

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