The Toxic Avenger is my favorite film of all time bar none. No other film even comes close. I’ve seen it hundreds of times and showed it to everyone I’ve gotten the chance to. It’s why I call myself the B-movie Avenger and was a huge influence in making meRead More →


  Making a Slasher film used to be a sure fire way to get your movie sold, After Halloween and Friday the 13th caused such a ruckus everyone rushed to make their own cheap, bloody slasher. The trend has died down and been resurrected many times from generation to generationRead More →


Anyone who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s remember a phenomenon not seen very often today, that phenomenon was the Mom and Pop video store. Walking up and down isle upon isle of cardboard cases with bright vibrant pictures proudly displayed. Pictures of scantily clad women, monsters, animals, explosions,Read More →