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Pink Eye follows the story of Edgar, a man who as a young boy came down with a disorder that first caused his eyes to become red and puffy. the doctor diagnosed it as pink eye but soon after the diagnoses the disease causes Edgar to manifest painful deformities. his mother cared for him as best she could but when she died Edgar was put into an insane asylum where the vile way he is treated and the drugs he’d being given combine to transform him into a a violent pissed of creature of vengeance. Meanwhile the other patients are doing shocking  things to themselves, and Edgar, otherwise a mindless poetry spouting killing machine has unleashed them upon the unsuspecting  orderlies and doctors…what is the cause of all this madness?

…..What i really would like to know is what is all the hype about this film? i mean seriously, what is essentially a mediocre (at best) generic horror “thriller” has been boosted to the level of legend with reviews like “vicious&and disgusting,,,a lingering nightmare”(killer reviews) and “very graphic, cringe-worthy,pleasantly Gorey” (fatally yours) first of all it is obvious (at least to me) that they spent the entire budget on a scene in which a young woman rips her eyes from their sockets out of fear that there are ants beneath them, while the scene is pretty Gorey it is far from as great as they make it out to be and it angers me that they begin the film with a scene like this and then quickly settle in to Hollywood-like watered down ill conceived gore that not only seems to have nothing to do with the plot (aside from the unthoughtout side plot of an evil corporation paying the nuthouse o give the Patience and some homeless people and junkies PCP for no apparent reason) but was so generic it literally could have been clipped from bullshit cookie cutter Hollywood horror films and simply slid in and no none would know the difference.

We don’t see Edgar’s face ever in the film (although we do see enough of Edgar’s eyes to tell that they were too lazy to even put pink contacts on the actor) his Poe quotes have absolutely no significance to the scenes they occur in, and the only reason you’ll be surprised at all when you watch this film is because it’s largely nothing but nonsense built up by a poor script, and bad acting.

The people who put this film together purposely went  out  of their way to market to fans of the slasher/gore genre, going out of their way to put the only truly Gorey scenes on the cover and back of the DVD and (most likely) paying reviewers to focus on this one scene  in an attempt to sell a shitty subpar thriller to an unsuspecting fan base, banking on us being stupid and needing less plot and worse acting then a porno has to make us happy. for those of us who grew up with the amazingly gorey, delightfully corny, original, truly independent movie distributors like Troma, Full moon, and Brain Damage this film is a smack in the balls with  a ballpein hammer…to sum it all up Pink Eye wreaks of money hungry corporate brown eye…buy Big Gus whats the Fuss instead, you’d be more entertained even by that peace  of shit.

I give this films more then two middle fingers up i give it 2 middle fingers, two middle toes and shout fuck you into it’s ears. It should be in the dollar store next to Glitter and Scary movie 4