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Remakes, the very uttering of the word gives me visions of a 6 month old cat turd rolled in glass and resealed in a Snickers candy bar wrapper.  I can honestly say I skip most of them. This can be said even more so of the rape revenge sub-genre. Firstly, films of this nature don’t need to be sleek and clean, and they don’t need the latest 20-omething starlet or the fashion world’s most effeminately handsome model as the rapist.

More importantly these films can’t afford the political fascist castration process that anything Hollywood touches must endure. ..However when I discovered that a supposed remake of I Spit On Your Grave from Norway was floating around…that was a different story. If films like The Thrill OF A Kill, Christmas Cruelty,  and Killing Heat have taught me anything it’s that what Norway may lack in a track record of film it more then makes up for with huge blood soaked orgasmicaly politically incorrect balls. Best of all Norway doesn’t hide that fact. FUCK NO it doesn’t just let it’s balls hang, it TEABAGS the censors so hard their eyes smash through their brain and squish on the other side of their collective skull!

It was with this in mind that I sat down to Reinert Kiil‘s hora

hora Introduces a young writer named Rikke who is sick of populated life and starving for inspiration for her new book. She decides a retreat to her dead mother’s secluded cabin in the woods might be just the trick and so heads off to the remote town of Dokka. Soon after arriving a group of local miscreants set their gazes on her. What starts off as mere taunting escalates to a brutal gang rape and disfiguring..but these monsters in men’s clothing have unknowingly unleashed Rikke’s most dark and brutal side an once this demon of justice is channeled there’s no turning back!

Holy fuckin’ shit! It takes a lot to get under my skin. After all this genre in general is one that’s populated with some really really brutal shit, but what we see here makes the rape scene in the original I Spit On Your Grave look like the love scene in Ghost!

Actually, before we go any further with this article I need to point out a HUGE misconception about this movie. While a large portion of this film is a love letter to the I Spit On Your Grave, this is faaar from a remake.  There’s elements and references to everything from A Cruel Picture to Last House On a Dead End Street and even a bit of Walking Tall in here.  Virtually every other review I’ve seen marks this aspect of the film against it. Some reviewers have even gone as far as to call it a rip off…well let’s not mix words. Those reviewers wouldn’t know a cannon from their mothers’ cunts…In other words they don’t know film. Quite a bit of talent is needed to string something like this together and make it comprehensible. Here our director managed to do that and also make a film that has a gut wrenching beauty of it’s own.

The Acting here was very well done all the way around, with Rikke sticking out as the most well played character. Watching her go from the confident sexy independent woman to the fierce merciless angel of death she becomes is nothing short of great.  The only complaint I could put forth if I wanted to be a dick head and nitpick is that I wish there was at least a few positive male characters somewhere in the film to contrast with. Here every guy was a dick..But then again that could be the point considering the era and genre this film is homaging. Exploitation tended to be exaggerated and it tended to be very black and white so if that’s what Kiil was going for then he aced that as well.

The gore here was another point of triumph for this film as it manages to both be effective and retain that cheap off kilter look appropriate for the genre. This was also a point where this film goes one hell of a long mile further then I Spit On Your Grave ever went. I won’t say much..just bring a barf bag.

The cinematography here appeared to be several mid level digital cameras with some gorgeously framed outdoor shots that reminded me quite a bit in their smoothness and eye for detail to William Grefe’s work. We get both golden hued color and slightly chunky black and white, both of which work and give the film an odd feeling of switching back and forth between life and death..however the fake film stock effects came across as gimmicky and almost took me out of the film a few times. This is a small complaint and as a whole didn’t deter me from enjoying the film but I honestly think it would have been better without them.

Overall I give hora no middle fingers up. It’s mean, it’s bloody, it’s offensive and those who dislike it will likely be those who picked it up just to bitch to begin with.

I also received the second film to this series (not sure how that works but I’m dying to find out) INSIDE THE WHORE which we’ll be discussing soon so stay tuned!

honky holocaust2


Exploitation movies are awesome. Gritty, perverse, excessive. a well made (or even better shitily done) exploitation movie is one of the most honest forms of entertainment in existence. They’re outlandish, exaggerated and serve little purpose other then to fulfill our base desire to gawk at and/or root for the most caricatured heroes and villains ever to exist. Two types of exploitation tend to get me going better then any others, blaxploitation and naziploitation. While we HAVE had a black nazi film with The Black Gestapo, we’ve never had what most of us have been calling for for a very very long time: A Nazis vs. Black guys exploitation movie! Well the wait is over. filmmaker Paul M McAlarney heard our cry and created Honky Holocaust and we here at B-is For Best were lucky enough to be given  an exclusive screener ..but can it live up to the decades old demand?


HONKY HOLOCAUST brings us to an alternate reality where against all odds Charles Manson and his family succeeded in bringing on Helter Skelter. The family took up residence in the center of the earth where they stayed for many years. Manson himself died due to medical issues but not before having a daughter named Kendra and passing power down to a successor even worse then himself,Dan. After receiving a prophetic dream from Manson, Dan rallies up the family and re-ascends into the outside world. Unfortunately for The Mansons the race war went much farther then they had anticipated and only the worst, most racist black folks imaginable have prospered,pushing the whites into a state of extreme poverty, segregation and subhuman treatment worse then America has ever seen. Enraged, Dan and his group plan to wage a final battle..but things get further complicated when Kendra discovers the dishonesty she was raised on since birth.

Simultaneously gleefully amped up and over the top and effectively dramatic and believable, HONKY HOLOCAUST is a mind blowing in your face look at the dangers of reverse racism and it’s very probable outcome that comes across as the film that IGOR AND THE LUNATICS wishes it was!

One thing that director Paul M McAlarney  managed to incorporate into this film that is missed in most modern exploitation was social commentary. Taking this route really could have gone either way, especially since we’re talking about racial relations here, something that the public has been having anal orgasms over for the last 4 years in growing frequency. Thankfully the ballsy move really paid off here, creating a film that not only serves as a kickass roller coaster ride with plenty of things to make us both squirm and laugh but also as a film that can make us think.

The acting here was a huge point in the film’s favor. Each character is played a bit off kilter and cartoonish sure, but also believable and straight faced. In particular the characters of Kendra and Dan shine the most. Kendra makes for a great reluctant anti-hero, starting her screen life as a doe eyed empty headed princess, as close to a blank slate as one can be and still be breathing. After her realization we see Kendra take on a righteous anger, unforgiving and deadly as she turns on her own in disgust and rage. Dan works for the exact oppisite reason. Here we have a character so sure of himself that there is literally no doubt in his mind that his views are without error. He has no fear and is so blind in his devoutness to his now dead leader that he believes he cannot fail which makes him all the more imposing as a villain.

The gore here was…hilarious. I can’t lie and say it was all that believable, but the cheap nature and “fuck it let the seams show” approach really worked well with the whole project kept in mind the old school films it was winking at.

The cinematography appears to be mid level digital but with a nice off yellow hue to it that reminded me alot of I Spit On Your Grave.

Overall I give HONKY HOLOCAUST two middle fingers chopped off and sanded to the bone. It’s goofy, it’s engaging, everything is done exactly as it should be.  If you’re a fan of the exploitation sub genre and want something that’s not only wild but actually good I’d highly recommend giving this one a shot.



Most of the time reviewing a film is pretty damn straight forward. I receive the film, watch it, and discuss whether or not is was effective, what worked and what didn’t…typically whether or not I enjoyed the film and it getting a good rating from me are interchangeable. The film we’re about to discuss taught me a lesson, and because of it the way I think of reviewing is changed forever. That film is THE POGO FILM PROJECT.

I first heard about the Pogo Film Project in a pretty odd way. After reviewing The Trouble With Barry a few years back a slew of emails poured in requesting that I review more films with a “gay” twist. Turns out that a straight reviewer willing to review movies with a homosexual subtext or gay main characters is a pretty rare thing. My search for films like that came up empty handed for the most part, with most of the films I discovered that fit the bill turning out to be softcore homo erotica (Even I have to draw the line somewhere guys) that is until i discovered a little known releasing company called bestdeaths.com (aka scream kings) who seemed to take a more serious approach to Horror with a gay theme. Before I reached out to the company (whom have since sent over a nice little helping of their fare that we’ll discuss in another article soon) I reached out to filmmaker Pete Jacelone about this warped little take on the Gacy murders. He promptly sent it over and boy did I get more then I bargained for!

THE POGO FILM PROJECT shows us the more…intimate side of Gacy’s atrocities; the murders themselves! With a bit of embellishing on the part of the writer, several scenarios play out illustrating how Gacy was able to subdue, torture and murder several young men in his home.

Dark to the point of being evil, stomach churningly believable and too effective for it’s own good, The Pogo Film Project is a very tough watch and I must admit I spent a large part of my viewing experience (which clocks in at a whopping 3+ hours) wondering if some sick fuck was using this as whack material. I also have to say that I sat through this thing twice because the first time I saw it I didn’t comprehend that the loving and lingering approach and sexualization of the scenarios was done to attempt to put us in the same frame of mind as Gacy and not to arouse the audience or exploit the victims as I had initially thought.

The acting here was actually quite good, in fact I can honestly say that the gentleman who played Gacy was probably the closest to the real deal I have ever seen in a film. His bizarre blend of effeminate boyishness and gruff manliness is a tough thing to mimic and this guy got that shit down pat. Each of the victims also did a wonderful job, but this is also where my general uneasiness of this project comes into play as well. You see it’s a bit of a stretch to say Gacy’s victims were young men, young teenage boys is a more accurate way of describing them and here this is represented very realistically with actors who really do look young..too young.

The deaths here consisted mostly of strangulation (as did the real cases) and each death is done impeccably well, combined with the low res camera and  voyeuristic angling this aspect gave this film a snuff movie like feel that, to be perfectly honest, freaked me the fuck out.

Here’s where things get confusing. I always tell the truth about my opinion of a film and I will here as well; I hated this thing, fuckin’ HATED it, it made me so uncomfortable to watch that I needed a shower and to pray after watching (and considering the things I’ve watched for this site that says a fuck load)….but why did I hate it? Because it shocked and disgusted me, because it brought the facts of these horrific crimes to light in a way that was too damn lifelike too damn true to form, because it…horrified me.

The bottom line is, even though I didn’t enjoy this film, it did it’s job. In fact I would go as far as to say that the film was never made to be enjoyed in the first place. It was meant to disgust and horrify and for that I give this film 2 middle fingers chopped off and sanded to the bone. Would I watch it again? Probably not. Should you pick it up? If you’re a die hard true crime fan who really wants to get into the world’s first killer clown’s head then fuck yeah you should.