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I love art that submerges me beyond its subject by connecting itself to other art. From the works of Stephen King, to shows like Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls, nothing tickles my fancy more than to discover that some of my favorite stories are connected even in the tiniest ways.
It isn’t often that we get something like this in the world of cinema outside of the marvel and DC franchises (and in these cases they are simply sequels by another name or cash grabs.)WHAT ABOUT US NUTJOBS WHO WANT MORE!?
one man heard my cry and created an entire universe of interconnecting films just for us!(Ok, so he did that a decade ago and has no clue who i am, but fuck doesn’t my way sound way more interesting?)
That man is director Brett William Mauser and for the first time we are taking a trip into his universe, Not so Sane Universe with BLOW A KISS, and SERIAL RABBIT 5:THE EPIC HUNT
BLOW A KISS introduces Joy, a recovering heroin addict desperate to get her daughter back. When Joy breaks down at a dive bar with no gas money she finds herself taking a job from a dangerous group of female meth dealers.
All joy has to do is kill their rival dealer and deliver a stolen thumbdrive and they’ll give her everything she needs in order to be reunited with her little girl.
Everything goes smoothly and she is reunited with her daughter to live happily ever after…just fucking with you! Everything goes to hell and Joy must fight to survive!

It’s a pretty ballsy move to make a low budget action movie.
Nine times out of ten these turn out to be so inept and cliche that we wind up with a run of the mill Hollywood shit storm without the budget to even dress it up…Thankfully, Mauser isn’t an idiot and this isn’t an action movie..or not exactly

Chock full of dialog heavy scenes that actually work due to their hilarity and absurdity, BLOW A KISS manages to repeatedly make the viewer think he knows what is next only to fly of in increasingly wild and unexpected directions.

The acting here was surprisingly good and in the few cases where that’s not the case Mauser was sure to keep said questionable actors in the background or they were quickly dispatched

The character of Joy reminded me of a female Ash Williams, coming across as a bumbling scaredy cat before blossoming into a bra clad, blood spattered, gun toting broad out for bloodshed until the final reveal kicks you in the balls and flips everything you thought you knew on its forehead!

The special effects here were almost exclusively of the CG variety but even that didn’t get on my nerves too much and was showcased in a snapcut matter that made it mostly work and slot of the cheesier effects were clearly done intentionally and good naturedly.

The music here also scores high with this reviewer, consisting of a variety of southern and alternative rock that Glens brilliantly with the Texas setting.

Overall I give this this film two middle fingers chopped off and sanded to the bone. It’s cheesy, exciting and it worked wonders to draw me in to seeking out the rest of The Not So Sane Universe.


SERIAL RABBIT 5:THE EPIC HUNT is the continued story of the above named bad bunny. In this film the city is once again being terrorized by the serial rabbit, or rather a new killer possessed by the former killer’s suit. The original killer is broken out of hell and with the help of a demon, a former cop and a criminally inclined swinger couple must reunite with his suit to stop the massacre once and for all.and save the world, but when the new killer kills the daughter of a crime boss a necrophiliac, a martial artist, a few fatale, a prostitute and…another cop are hired to take him out.

This sounds like an insane mess…and it is, in a batshitly entertaining way!

Each character here is exaggerated and distorted, coming across as what you’d get if Tex Avery had been a skitzo whose illness was being treated with bags of sugar, bath salts and LSD

The acting here is all over the top and fun with my favorite character being the original Serial Rabbit himself. He manages to come across as so damn Ernest and innocent(even when hes eating the chopped off penis of a tranny prostitute)that you can’t help but love the guy..plus he skips when he walks!

The kills (and gore in general) are few and far in between and most are (once again) CG but since this is more of a comedy adventure/slasher parody than an actual slasher film im ok with that.

This film (and it’s predecessors) have gotten a lot of shit from reviewed who unfairly compare it to films like Peter Rottentail, and BUNNYMAN but honestly this thing is it’s own animal and there is a huge flaw with comparing it to those films as the aim of this movie is to elicit laughter and enjoyment of shock and terror.

Overall I give SERIAL RABBIT 5 two middle fingers chopped off a d sanded to the bone. I only regret not having the first 4 films of the franchise to discuss here.

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of what I hope is a long journey into The Not So Sane Universe

It’s becoming abundantly obvious as  sales of DVD, Blu Rays and movie tickets plummet more and more that the (not so) old adage is true..Internet has indeed killed the Video star. While I’m not ready to accept that death and find the prospect both terrifying and extremely disheartening I’ve got to admit that The Internet entertainment industry (youtube in particular) has indeed offered up a unique and often entertaining entertainment experience (that statement might be redundantly redundant..but it’s true nonetheless) Sure, just like most entertainment formats most of what’s up for grabs is..poop. In fact I would say that the more popular the more shitty (mostly because Hollywood has firmly inserted their collective cock and firmly penetrated this new format and they’re the ones who can pay for advertisements and false views and likes to encourage sheep to view and like in kind..but I digress) ..but there is indeed a lighter more promising aspect to Youtube. As a man who grew up loving Public access shluck and dreaming of a day when everyone could join together and have a massive, worldwide PA station..this shit is a dream come true! So now that we’ve wasted time droning, let’s take a look at THE TOP 10 BEST OF YOUTUBE.

10. geeklegionofdoom: Review channels are a billion for a half a quarter of a 10th of a plastic penny on youtube. The majority of them are kids ages 10 to 14 who simply say “This movie sucked balls” or “This shit was awesome” and then drone about nothing (shit we’ve got a few reviews like that ourselves!) but Geek Legion Of Doom is a rare gem. Showcasing everything from Super Heroes, to Porn Parodies to…rape zombies..(?) Geek Legion of Doom present charming, oftentimes funny reviews with clear concise reasoning as to their opinions..They’re like us..only English! and everyone knows English accents make everything Better! Here’s a little taste:

Go check them out, give them a like and subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWajraXEkctMoQNpc6Q_TJw


9. juanfreakshowcaparasI’m a sucker for special makeup effects. The art behind the art is oftentimes even more fascinating then the effect itself. Juan “freakshow” Caparas is a breathtakingly talented young artist who works primarily in masks, latex makeup, and models and creates some of the most bizzare, off the wall and (most importantly) unique creations I have ever seen. Instead of simply showcasing his creations with stock music and a spin like most artists on youtube, Juan not only shows us the process, but creates an intricate story for most of his creations, giving them soul, personality and a dimension that really makes them come alive in my mind. It’s literally impossible for me to pick a favorite on this guys site..so I selected one at random

..but you seriously need to make sure you have a few free hours when you check out this guy’s page..you won’t be leaving quickly I promise you that! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-oUmwXaoGipxfQW-zdTow


8.troma: Yeah, Yeah. I know what you’re thinking: “But Drew, you WORSHIP Troma, how can they be at number 8? Well I had to be fair and honestly the majority of the content on this channel isn’t original content so I have to give the higher places on the list to those that have more of that to be fair..but with that said the official Troma movies youtube channel is fucking amazing! All of the classic Troma films can be found there free of charge (and without fear of prison) by None other then everyone’s favorite perverted Uncle Lloyd Kaufman! You’ll also find some zany extra cheesy videos of various men and women in Troma outfits shouting and doing..things..No it’s not a fetish site..but that doesn’t mean you can’t masturbate anyway.



7.epicmealtime The cooking channel is fun and all..but who the hell really wants to make a kale infused french brulee? We’re actually hungry goddamnit! We need a channel for hungry, provision wasting, overeating maniacs by hungry, provision wasting maniacs! The Canadian connoisseurs of compulsive consumption collectively known as Epic Meal Time heard our grumbling bellies and answered with some of the most insane culinary concoctions ever created…and a fuck ton (exactly 10 and a half shitloads) of bacon!



6.planetdolan: Want a bit of variety and a whole lot of snarky commentary? Planet Dolan (and Danger Dolan in particular) have got you covered. From strange creatures, to serial killers, to banned cartoons and dangerous toys, Planet Dolan is a smorgasbord of oddities perfect for wasting an afternoon…or 30.


5.fluffeetalks Today’s news syndicates suck ass, let’s face it. We’re all tired of hearing about terrorist threats and the latest epidemic..Sometimes we just want to hear a Canadian stoner talk about some psycho with 82 Julia Roberts tattoos..Well Fluffee is that stoner .


4.billypop: Now, I know I’ll get flack for adding one of our longtime friends and collaborators to this list..but I simply can’t make a list like this without including Billy (The Kanadian Kadaver) Bloodshed/Pop.  Billy’s channel is another one where you can find all sorts of shit, from cover music to original music from Billy’s awesome band Billy and The Guttersnipes, to Billy’s unique brand of film reviewing. He may just be the most talented intoxicated midget since Danny Devito. More importantly you can’t watch this friendly fuck’s videos without feeling like he’s your Buddy..Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, maybe it’s a Hippy/punk thing..or maybe it’s those fantastic nipples..either way We love you Billy..In a homo way.



3.schmoyoho: Modern mainstream music is horseshit. With the advent of Autotunes and the lowered standards of the consumers literally anyone ANYONE could be a top ten pop artist. The delightfully irreverent and silly group of (surprisingly talented) people who make up Schmoyoho (Good luck saying that shit!) prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt with their Songify series where they take Viral videos, Newscasts and all sorts of other videos and turn the speakers (or drunken slurrers…or screamers) into better pop singers then the record companies have offered in the last 10 years! Be prepared to have songs that aren’t songs stuck in your head for the foreseeable future and getting strange looks from co-workers when you suddenly belt out “My neighbors got big testicles man we seen this dude everyday!” though..you’ve been warned!…Now songify us damnit!


2.frogleapstudios: All to often people are quick to dismiss Cover bands as talentless or as just being a gimmick..But when said band is one dude, playing every instrument and that dude can take Like A Virgin, Let It Go, and Barbie Girl (just to name a few) and make them into face melting metal music.. You gotta take Notice! Leo Moracchioli is a native of Norway and lifelong Music obessor who has the midas touch..except instead of turning things to gold he turns Pop shit into Metal Ambrosia! He also does some great acoustic covers and awesome instructional videos..but you’ll still never be as good as he is..Just saying


1.richardgalefilsm Today’s filmmakers tend to take themselves too damn seriously (trust me I deal with them on a daily basis so I would know) So when I discovered Richard Gale and his twisted sense of humor, down to earth regular guy approach to dealing with the public and fans, and talent for making blockbuster quality content with two nickles and a half a piece of stale bubblegum I was instantly captivated. Most notably about this channel though is the Creepy, hilarious, just wrong creation that is The Ginosaji. A pale skinned, spoon wielding unstoppable Japanese demon who has for reasons unknown set his sights on poor Jack and turned his world upside down. What started as nothing more than a purposly overlong joke trailer soon became an internet sensation, spawning interactive videos, a web series and an actual feature length film (which is currently in the works) Everything about this channel is addictive..we’re just sad that there’s not more.




The Toxic Avenger is my favorite film of all time bar none. No other film even comes close. I’ve seen it hundreds of times and showed it to everyone I’ve gotten the chance to. It’s why I call myself the B-movie Avenger and was a huge influence in making me feel so passionately about the often genre defying off kilter culture that is true independent filmmaking..but it’s also a film i have never reviewed here on B-is For Best. I’ve been asked  many times why this is (including once by Melvin himself Mark Torgl, who’s a great guy by the way.) and I always give different reason.  I’ve said I was waiting for the Blu ray release (which has long since happened) I said i was waiting until I had the free time to do an article that would showcase all the films collectively and couldn’t do so yet since the 5th (and supposedly final) installment had yet to be made (This is a complete lie considering although i enjoyed all four films I see the 2nd and 3rd as self parodying and existing in a separate universe and feel pretty much the same way about the 4th) The truth of the matter is..honestly I’ve been afraid to do it. How does one go about doing a review article on a film that he holds in an almost religious reverence? (especially since the film’s many flaws are one of the reasons why i consider it to be the best film of all time) and do it any justice? I had planned on saving this review for my upcoming autobiography (D-Is For Drew:The Now told Tale Of A Renegade Film Reviewer) But I know if I wait I’ll never have the nerve..so for those who waited and asked..here it is..

Alot was happening in the early to mid 80’s. Aerobics gurus and muscle bound action stars had pushed America into the body talk age where Health clubs had sprouted up on every corner. Workout shows, tapes and even movies flooded the market as the young pushed their bodies (and hair of course) to the limit and beyond. Cocaine, speed and other uppers  took the throne from marijuana and psychedelics as the drugs of choice for this constantly moving crowd. Big business was also on the fast track as more and more factories and refineries emerged. With them though came countless biproducts: corrosive, cancerigetic and toxic, these emerging evils captured the fears and imaginations of the thinkers of the era, terrifying them almost as much as the increasingly violent youth, so different from the flower children of the ’60s and disco ducks of the 70’s. The heroes of yesteryear were washed up, their golden boy boyscout approach to fighting evil had become laughable when compared to the endless supply of evil figures the 80’s was churning out, from Jason to Freddy to Karl The Butcher and Cropsy. The 80’s needed it’s own hero; one as brutal and real as the evil he would fight and destroy, In 1984 That hero emerged. His name is Melvin Ferd but you’ll know him as THE TOXIC AVENGER!


THE TOXIC AVENGER: Welcomes us to Tromaville (The Toxic waste dumping capital of the world) A small town in suburban New Jersey. At first glance Tromaville is just like any other small town in the U.S. but under the surface is the pestilence of political corruption. It’s Mayor (a morbidly obese self obsessed pervert) has sold the town out to corporate ghouls who are dropping hundreds of pounds of toxic waste within it’s borders. He has also hired on vicious thugs and drug dealers to shake down the population and control the simple Tromites. In the busier side of town is the Tromaville Health club, a place where  it’s inhabitants go to get in shape and socialize. This too is plagued  by a despicable group of thugs: Bozo, Slug, Julie and Wanda, a sadistic group of teens who spend their days terrorizing the club’s members and their nights playing a deplorable points game by running over innocent victims with their car. When the group sets their sites on on local 15 year old Uber nerd Melvin Ferd (The mop boy) for one of their more cruel pranks poor Melvin winds up falling into an (inexplicably open) barrel of toxic waste on the back of an illegally parked truck. What emerges (after an extremely painful transformation) is a 7 foot tall hideously deformed creature of super human size and strength (in a burnt tutu..trust me it’s bad ass) with the ability to sense evil and the uncontrollable urge to destroy it. Tromaville wreaked of crime and The Toxic Avenger was just the Janitor to clean it up!

Genre defying, perfectly paced, managing to be simultaneously completely filthy and utterly innocent, The Toxic Avenger is quite possibly the most multi-faceted and enjoyable filmof all time..Even hardcore fans of the film are likely gape mouthed at that statement (and Uncle Lloyd probably just shit his pants laughing)…Let me explain why it’s an undeniable fact. Let’s talk about the many things this film manages to successfully be:


IT’S AN 80’S PERIOD PIECE: Yeah, I know, naysayers “the film was shot in the 80’s of course it captures the 80’s!” This goes well beyond that copout reasoning. From the way it’s many themes (aerobics, Violent youth, political corruption,drug abuse and pollution to name a few) perfectly capture the fears and values of the era, to the use of power ballads, jam band music and bubble gum pop in it’s score and the cartoonish over the top gore and characters, The Toxic Avenger doesn’t just conjure nostalgia for the 80’s IT IS THE 80’S!!!


funnytoxieIT’S A COMEDY: Yes, you read that correctly. A film featuring an 11 year old kid getting his head crushed by the tire of a car is a comedy.skippy

From the not so subtle choice of taking the heroes in tights concepts to laughable extremes by placing Toxie in a full blown Tutu, to having Toxie’s kills often based on classic gags from Charlie Chaplin (mop twirling) and The Three Stooges (eye gouging, mops in the face etc.) and of course the endless barage of so stupid they’re funny one liners (Including the often stolen “Have you seen my mother in law..Now that’s gruesome” line) The Toxic Avenger undeniably works as a stellar comedy as well as a parody of the hyper violent direction Hollywood was taking at the time the film was made.


IT’S A MODERN DAY FRANKENSTEIN STORY: This was confirmed by Co-Director Llooyd Kaufman in his first book (All I Needed to Know About Film Making I learned From The Toxic Avenger) but most fans pick up on it right away. You have a tragic monster, The (in this case initially) fearful townsfolk, The child-like nature of Poor Melvin and of course the blind friend (only in this case case it’s a super hot blonde who’s Toxie’s love interest, Sarah) The biggest difference here is the monster lives and triumphs, something the majority of fans of Marry Shelly’s classic wished happened all along.


IT’S A HORROR FILM: With the approach to some of Melvin’s kills s well as the creative use of lighting, location, and cutaways, The Toxic Avenger is a brilliant patchwork of styles ranging from 70’s slasher/Gialo to 50’s style monster movie influences. More than any other film in Troma’s library The Toxic Avenger shows Directors Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz’s wide array of interest and study into the Horror Genre and what works within it…a feat all the more impressive when you note that  Kaufman stated neither of them were really Horror fans before they began working on the project! Quite a bit of Homework must have been done in such a small span of time.


IT’S THE MOST HUMAN SUPER HERO MOVIE EVER MADE: While other heroes  tend to take the haughty better than thou approach to crime fighting, poor Melvin is forced to do it. He’s terrified  of his ability and doubts the morality of his actions. He still needs the approval of his peers and fears he’ll never have it. All of these things make Toxie more approachable, more lovable and most importantly MORE HUMAN. It’s also why despite all the  gore, sophomoric humor and nudity in the film I’m more comfortable letting my kids watch The Toxic Avenger then I am the Newest Batman movie or Disney shitfest. This film has some of the firmest lines between good and evil ever set in film.

carflipIT’S AN ACTION FILM: With car chases, crashes, gang fights, and even a fleet of army  personnel with tanks (how the fuck did that afford that…?) The Toxic Avenger also functions as one hell of an Action movie!

toxieandsarahIT’S A LOVE STORY: Amongst the violence and madness in this film we get the tender, innocent blossoming love between Toxie and his beautiful blind girlfriend Sarah. Her Naive and child-like personality perfectly mirrors the true Melvin inside the hideous monster and their love works wonderfully to illustrate that under it all Melvin is still the shy, self conscious gentle teenager he always was. We also see his character mature into a more confident, heroic figure through his love for Sarah..Just try not to think about the fact that despite his dramatic size increase Melvin is still 15 years old and Sarah looks to be around 25..For these reasons the film is also A COMING OF AGE STORY..and a SEDUCTION OF THE YOUTH TALE

toxieThe acting here is so laughably off that it’s brilliant. Each character is so garish and over the top the entire affair comes across as a live action cartoon. This has a major benefit though as it softens the effect of some of the more potentially offensive subject matter and makes it more palatable. Toxie himself was actually played quite brilliantly when one considers the level of depth of a character that needs to be at turns a completely ruthless killing machine and a shy naive kid..All done in heavy makeup with a voice over added in post..rule or not I gotta name Mitch Cohen here. You were fucking brilliant and were sadly missed in parts 2-4..Please for the love of God come back for part 5 we need you man!

The cinematography and special effects here were..uneven..Ranging from breathtakingly believable (the badass car crashes,head crushing, and health club basement chase scene) to terrifically terrible (The day for night to night to day for night again fight scene with cigar face and his crew, the scalped to not scalped Knuckles) but even these fuck ups only add to the insanely bizarre world Kaufman and Herz have created in their opus..and the transformation scene..Holy fuck man!

Is The Toxic Avenger perfect? No, but if it were it wouldn’t be nearly as endearing as it is.

Overall I give The Toxic Avenger two middle fingers chopped off and sanded to the bone. It’s the only film I watch at least once a year and that’s a tradition I will never tire of. Kaufman and Herz should seriously consider doing whatever it takes to reassemble the original cast (those whose characters didn’t die) for the 5th and final installment of the franchise and for the love of God get Herz. We fans deserve at least one more visit from our favorite hidiously deformed creature of super human size and strength and we want to see him played by Mitch Cohen no matter what shape he’s in these days!


I spend alot of time saluting Troma here..but the truth is the weren’t the first independent studio that I became obsessed with as a kid..That honor (of course) goes to The killer doll heavy empire that is Full Moon. fullmoon

Headed by mad genius Charles Band, Full Moon has been giving the world a steady diet of cheese sleaze and silliness since 1988 and there is no stop in the foreseeable future. While Troma is certainly the king of off the wall bafoonary, Full Moon has a flair for bringing 50’s style nostalgia and 80’s style nuttery together for genre defying, all around crazy productions with oddball monsters like Killer Bong, The Gingerdead man, and Ooga Booga (not to mention the long list of maniacally murderous puppets and dolls that made them so famous) In short, they make kid’s movies for adults. Perpetual teenagers rejoice whenever they see that familiar rising moon logo..and I’m one of them.


In 2000 Full Moon hit pay dirt after a bit of a dry spell with an odd little semi-blaxploitation film called Killjoy. Killjoy told the story of a dejected abused teenager who after being killed fuses with a demonic clown named (you guessed it) Killjoy who then wreaks revenge on the boy’s tormentor.. When I saw the film I was 14 and I fell in love with the character (in a gay way..a reeeeally gay way..just kidding..or am I?) The film (sorry to be blunt) wasn’t the greatest. It had some issues with pacing and acting as well as some pretty big plot holes..but the character was great. Sassy, playful and undeniably, irredeemably evil, Killjoy was Full Moon’s Freddy Kruger and the fans recognized this and begged for more.killjoy1killjoy-2 killjoy3 killjoygoestohell

In 2002 that’s exactly what they got.  But one sequel wasn’t good enough..Nope, we got three..But something almost unheard of happened with the series..IT GOT BETTER AS IT WENT ALONG! That’s right, by the time Killjoy Goes To Hell came out in 2012 The series had finally established it’s tone and direction. Gone was any semblance of trying to make coherent sense or be serious in any way and in it’s place was just a parade of stupidity and wild disregard for anything but having fun..And that’s precisely the direction the series needed to take! Even Killjoy’s appearance became better with each installment!


The fans went rabid with demands for a continuation of the story from where Killjoy Goes to Hell left off..and Charles made us wait four years!!! Damn you Charles! But when it did arrive I think we’ll all agree it was worth the wait!


Today is Charles Band’s 65th birthday and what better way to celebrate the legacy of this visionary cheese pedler then to take a look at the latest entry in what is likely his best series since Puppet Master (actually, lets be honest, better then the later entries in that series) KILLJOY’S PSYCHO CIRCUS


KILLJOY’S PSYCHO CIRCUS opens shortly after Killjoy’s escape from hell along with his gang of cantankerous clowns, Batty Boop, Punchy and Freakshow. Things aren’t going the hottest for our favorite former clown prince of Hell. He’s become a washed up talkshow host (on a show that gives the film it’s title), lost Batty after she finally got fed up with his assholeish ways, and worse..he’s becoming mortal! Just when he thinks life on Earth can’t get any more shitty, formal rival Beelzebub is granted a spaceship and a reprieve from Hell to come to orbit Earth and collect Killjoy’s soul to bring back to Hell.

Killjoy, Spaceships and a talkshow? Hell yeah! Yes this one is a ridiculous and cheesetastic as it sounds. The story comes across as the wet dream of a fifteen year old uber nerd..and I say that with the utmost respect. It’s fast paced, random and doesn’t waste a second with any bullshit filler, writer/director John Lechago (who also wrote and directed Killjoy 3 and KillJoy Goes To Hell) continues to do an excellent job creating what can best be described as live action cartoons with this off kilter little collection of characters. You can tell this fella has a lot of fun and a lot of love for these characters and their continued story as it shines through in every second of the films he has contributed to the series. He may not have joined the series until part three but this guy is the true lifeblood of Killjoy.

The acting here was hilariously over the top. This was the first time we really got to see Killjoy struggle with any kind of human emotion and seeing how uncomfortable he is with the concept of love, affection and (spoiler alert) the prospect of possible fatherhood is fuckin’ great. Freakshow also got to talk in this one and it was nice to see that the character actually had some useful things to say. Punchy, of course remains the surprisingly insightful closet philosopher who everyone sees as the group idiot due to his unseal speech patterns and Batty..Well Batty is still Batty which is why we lover her so damn much..But she now has more of a tender side which added a nice little bit of dimension to the character while (thankfully) not making her any less bat shit crazy..in fact she may even be more crazy here!

The effects here were a hoot! With 90’s style computer animation that looks straight out of a sega saturn game and some great old school practical effects for alot of the gore. Full Moon is a company who doesn’t try to hide it’s tiny budget but instead crams it down your throat and flaunts it..Honestly I think that’s why stuff from them works whereas Sci-Fi originals and other things like that tend to fail so epically. If you’re going to make a bad movie make it that way on purpose..That seems to be the Full Moon philosophy! The only complain I had in this department is the same one I’ve had for virtually every films I’ve reviewed in the past 3 or 4 years: CGI BLOOD..It looks terrible, it’s not worth being cost effective..STOP USING IT!! CGI blood is probably the most irritating thing in the world to Horror nuts such as myself. It leaves me wondering..have Corn syrup and garden sprays really become that expensive? this is really a small squabble here as it wasn’t overly used..but the film would certainly be better without it.

Overall I give KILLJOY’S PSYCHO CIRCUS No Middle fingers up. It’s endearing, it’s silly as hell and it gives me a lot of hope that this series will only continue to get better and better as it goes..so here’s to hoping for Killjoy part 6-38.. and when can we see Killjoy fight The Blood Dolls? Or perhaps lost in the Necropolis seen at the end of The Dead Hate The Living..Let’s make this happen Charles! Happy Birth