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i grew up as an enormous Clive Barker Fan. Everything from his artwork to his comics, and of course his films just grabbed me. All of his stuff is so..visceral, often times literally. So imagine my excitement when not one but two of his  “lost” films show up on my desk in the form of a nice little DVD. When i slid this bad boy in I knew I was in for something special, and boy was I..although perhaps not in the way I expected.

It’s not often I see a film (or in this case films) that leave me at an almost complete loss for words. I’m one opinionated  motherfucker, so this is a rarity indeed. What has me so stuck you ask?

Well (and excuse me if I offend here) These aren’t exactly films at all..I mean in the strictest use of the term  I guess you’d say these are more films then most of the things I review here considering they’re shot on actual 8mm film where most of the stuff I review here is shot on digital or video )or a dead fucking cat attached to a tin can full of jellybeans) but where plot, character development or dialog is concerned…there’s l none. I’m not saying it’s underdone, I’m literally telling you these things are not components of these spectacles at all. Now I’m sure some pretentious art wookie out there is peering over his mauve horn rimmed glasses down at his cheat sheet or wiki-cocksucker right now and going “Excuse me, sir, you just don’t get it!” and I know there’s  a synopsis available but there was one for The Begotten  as well and let me tell you, these types of films exist for three reasons: Freaking out people who are on drugs, confusing the audience, and making the director feel superior because as confounded as the audience may be the director and his cronies know the big “deeper meaning” It’s like a secret club for haughty art major outcasts so they can make the jocks and “cool kids” feel like outsiders for once…and you know what? I’m cool with that.

These two films (The Forbidden in particular) are quite visually stunning at times, like Barker’s paintings in motion. We get  a good look at his roots and more importantly we see what he was capable of before Hollywood briefly thunder kissed  his prostate before turning his name  into a brand and retiring him to the shadows. We also get some great interviews with Barker and his buddies where they reflect on their younger selves and laugh at how pretentious they were. I can’t help but like these fellas after seeing these.

If you’re looking for a typical horror film avoid these like a child rapist in a candy suite  but if you’re looking or something different, can keep an open mind and are curious about a side of a well known director he seldom gets to show in it’s full capacity then I highly recommend checking this one out. I give it no middle fingers up.