I don’t typicaly begin an interview with any kind of introduction but I feel the need to say, before you even read this if you haven’t had the chance to check out the extremly talented work of Haig demarjian then stop reading right now and head over to artofhaig.com you’llRead More →

If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s then chances are you remember one (or both) of the booms in straight to video horror films. Films deemed to gritty, to raw and often too gorey for the big screen. This era brought us such directors as Todd Sheets, JohnRead More →

                    I asked Matthew this question and he saw the similarity but I figure you’ll be able to answer more in depth because it’s your movie, is The Heart of Carl based in part on Of Mice And Men or isRead More →

How did you and Haig Demarjian come up with the idea for Die You Zombie bastards (DYZB)?It all started with a short film I made in college in 1995 called “Red’s Breakfast”. I was a film student in art school and I had to make some project. I don’t rememberRead More →

Ok, so alot of people have pointed some things out to me or questioned me on them so i guess it’s time to touch base on them. I’ll make this as quick as possible. The first big thing that people \keep asking about is why i don’t tend to nameRead More →

the first question i wanted to ask is one that a lot of my readers and friends that have seen the porkchop films and the zombie babys film ask and that is Eamon Hardiman you’re real name? and if so what ethnic background does the name originate with? if notRead More →