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No! Not Ewe, YOU, our faithful readers and viewers. Without you we’re just a bunch of socially dejected losers with hard ons for Indie cinema… that’s pretty much still what we are..In fact since it’s usually just yours truly (The B-Movie Avenger) doing these reviews it’s really just  one socially dejected loser with a hard on for indie cinema..but it’s a really good hard on I assure you…wait..I’m getting distracted..what was I saying? Ohh Yes, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

“BUT, B-MOVIE AVENGER..HOW CAN WE HELP?” You ask (no seriously, fucking ask that, don’t be a dick about this) Well there’s many ways you can help:

1.THE OLD FASHIONED WAY..WITH MONEY: monetary donations can be given in two ways, either by sending money to our paypal email which is  or monetary donations can be made in the form of cash, check, or money order and sent to

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2. Visit our Amazon wish list and order titles for us to review! That’s right, although we do get screeners from quite a few sources, a lot of the films you guys request that we talk about we can’t get! Now you can help bridge the gap with this handy link! handylinknoooo, not that handy link..this one:

“But Mr.Avenger, I looked at your list and there is clearly things on it that are not films! You’re trying to pull a fast one you sly bastard!” You’re very perceptive see B-is For Best ALSO does product reviews, hence the “and more” of our title. The non-movie items are there for that reason and also because we are in sore need of some new equipment for the site hence the electronics and all the other seemingly random shit..I swear we have a method to our madness..or a menthol to our Marlboros..I can”t remember which


“Buuuuut B-moooovie Avennnnnger, I spent all my money on porn and jellybeeeeeans!” Well, at least the money was well spent bucko..but don’t fret. Your addiction to admittedly orgasmic candy and adult cinema won’t stop you from helping us out there’s other ways!

3.SEND US YOUR JUNK: Got bad horror movies? odd ball movies no one has ever heard of? Off the wall plot porn? Religious movies you can’t believe even exist? A video of your fuckin bar mitzvah? Odd food products? electronics you don’t want or use? Fuck it! Send them to us and we’ll review them! Hell we’ll review pictures of your mom naked if you send them! (but only if she’s either hot as hell or looks like Betty basically hot as hell) You send it we’ll review it. Do you really hate me and want me to have to sit through the worst movie ever made? (chances are I already have so I challenge you to find one I haven’t already sat through!) want me to have to eat hog head cheese, brains, or drink ranch dressing soda? (yeah that actually exists..and is somehow still being manufactured..for years now) Now’s your chance!

4. Share the shit out of us: Spam every possible place you can with B-is For Best, post on on facebook twitter, fiddle faddle and twizler, pin us to your trist, tell your grandmother’s S&m fiction club all about us, testify about us at your local church (just don’t testify against us in court) Like our facebook page: subscribe to our youtube channel:
Hook us up with your hot sister (seriously I think she’d like us we’d be really good to her) make fliers with our URL and picture of naked women and kittens on them and superglue them all over your local businesses (don’t actually do that one…ok do it..but don’t tell anyone we told you to) whatever you can do to help us expand and reach a wider audience we appreciate.


..but most of ll if you want to help us..just keep coming back here..and of course…