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I love art that submerges me beyond its subject by connecting itself to other art. From the works of Stephen King, to shows like Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls, nothing tickles my fancy more than to discover that some of my favorite stories are connected even in the tiniest ways.
It isn’t often that we get something like this in the world of cinema outside of the marvel and DC franchises (and in these cases they are simply sequels by another name or cash grabs.)WHAT ABOUT US NUTJOBS WHO WANT MORE!?
one man heard my cry and created an entire universe of interconnecting films just for us!(Ok, so he did that a decade ago and has no clue who i am, but fuck doesn’t my way sound way more interesting?)
That man is director Brett William Mauser and for the first time we are taking a trip into his universe, Not so Sane Universe with BLOW A KISS, and SERIAL RABBIT 5:THE EPIC HUNT
BLOW A KISS introduces Joy, a recovering heroin addict desperate to get her daughter back. When Joy breaks down at a dive bar with no gas money she finds herself taking a job from a dangerous group of female meth dealers.
All joy has to do is kill their rival dealer and deliver a stolen thumbdrive and they’ll give her everything she needs in order to be reunited with her little girl.
Everything goes smoothly and she is reunited with her daughter to live happily ever after…just fucking with you! Everything goes to hell and Joy must fight to survive!

It’s a pretty ballsy move to make a low budget action movie.
Nine times out of ten these turn out to be so inept and cliche that we wind up with a run of the mill Hollywood shit storm without the budget to even dress it up…Thankfully, Mauser isn’t an idiot and this isn’t an action movie..or not exactly

Chock full of dialog heavy scenes that actually work due to their hilarity and absurdity, BLOW A KISS manages to repeatedly make the viewer think he knows what is next only to fly of in increasingly wild and unexpected directions.

The acting here was surprisingly good and in the few cases where that’s not the case Mauser was sure to keep said questionable actors in the background or they were quickly dispatched

The character of Joy reminded me of a female Ash Williams, coming across as a bumbling scaredy cat before blossoming into a bra clad, blood spattered, gun toting broad out for bloodshed until the final reveal kicks you in the balls and flips everything you thought you knew on its forehead!

The special effects here were almost exclusively of the CG variety but even that didn’t get on my nerves too much and was showcased in a snapcut matter that made it mostly work and slot of the cheesier effects were clearly done intentionally and good naturedly.

The music here also scores high with this reviewer, consisting of a variety of southern and alternative rock that Glens brilliantly with the Texas setting.

Overall I give this this film two middle fingers chopped off and sanded to the bone. It’s cheesy, exciting and it worked wonders to draw me in to seeking out the rest of The Not So Sane Universe.


SERIAL RABBIT 5:THE EPIC HUNT is the continued story of the above named bad bunny. In this film the city is once again being terrorized by the serial rabbit, or rather a new killer possessed by the former killer’s suit. The original killer is broken out of hell and with the help of a demon, a former cop and a criminally inclined swinger couple must reunite with his suit to stop the massacre once and for all.and save the world, but when the new killer kills the daughter of a crime boss a necrophiliac, a martial artist, a few fatale, a prostitute and…another cop are hired to take him out.

This sounds like an insane mess…and it is, in a batshitly entertaining way!

Each character here is exaggerated and distorted, coming across as what you’d get if Tex Avery had been a skitzo whose illness was being treated with bags of sugar, bath salts and LSD

The acting here is all over the top and fun with my favorite character being the original Serial Rabbit himself. He manages to come across as so damn Ernest and innocent(even when hes eating the chopped off penis of a tranny prostitute)that you can’t help but love the he skips when he walks!

The kills (and gore in general) are few and far in between and most are (once again) CG but since this is more of a comedy adventure/slasher parody than an actual slasher film im ok with that.

This film (and it’s predecessors) have gotten a lot of shit from reviewed who unfairly compare it to films like Peter Rottentail, and BUNNYMAN but honestly this thing is it’s own animal and there is a huge flaw with comparing it to those films as the aim of this movie is to elicit laughter and enjoyment of shock and terror.

Overall I give SERIAL RABBIT 5 two middle fingers chopped off a d sanded to the bone. I only regret not having the first 4 films of the franchise to discuss here.

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of what I hope is a long journey into The Not So Sane Universe

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Oftentimes insane, seemingly random concepts can be mashed together to create some pretty damn entertaining cinema.  We saw this with films like RACE WAR: THE REMAKE, LUCKY, DEAD AND BREAKFAST  and the oft celebrated TROLL 2 (to name a few) Today we take a gander at a film that has sex starved human hunting rednecks, a cannibalistic tribe, a mythological monster and..a cheese doodle fetish(…?) that film is Flood Reed’s AMERICAN BACKWOODS SLEWHAMPSHIRE

AMERICAN BACKWOODS SLEWHAMPSHIRE follows four college friends who take the advice of a likely sex offender and set off onto the deep backroads of New Hampshire to seek out a “private strip club” that supposedly exists there. As you might expect things do not go as planned and all hell breaks loose as our heroes go up against the afore mentioned baddies.

SLEWHAMPSHIRE has a lot going on.   unfortunately that’s its biggest problem. Trying to jam so much into a 103 minute running time should have made this thing jam packed with action without a single wasted second and yet somehow it manages to throw padding at us at every turn. Random closeups and insidiously edited insert shots appear at least every five minutes, the story jumps around in a seemingly pointless way as serious moments are interrupted with silly in jokes and the skitzoid way it goes from brutal to goofy just comes across as mean and pointless. I mean, come on we go from a scene of violent man on man sodomy and a man having his cock bitten off to a dream sequence had by one of the victims where he gets showered with cheese doodles by his dancing, shirtless rapist!

Our “tribe” look like exras from BLACK SAILS in robes stolen from the set of THE TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD and speak in voices that sound like Pinhead and none of this is explained, our monster has less than 2 minutes combined screen time and there’s no resolution whatsoever for any of the plotlines

Normally when i  have to give a film a less than favorable review i do so with the same gung ho attitude and fun that i give a glowing one but in this case it makes me a little sad. Watching this I saw a lot of talent. The acting was all around great with the character of Bro being my personal favorite with his haunted eyes and mysteriously dark seriousness contrasting sharply with his care free whore mongering friends.

The music was fun and catchy and the gore effects were fucking fantastic.

The cinematography was digital bur very smooth and steady (other thab the annoying and jarring insert shots i spoke of earlier.

I got the feeling this film was intended to be much longer and a lot was canned and that the inserts may have been added to make it a more marketable film. I don’t hate this film and feel its likely a small fumble on the path towards some great things to come both from the director and his talented cast. Overall i give SLEWHAMPSHIRE one middle finger up. It has some truly wonderful elements it just needs some more direction storywise and a bit more focus. I am looking forward to what Reed comes up with next and watching the evolution of this promising filmmaker

Our good brother over in the UK GEEK LEGION OF DOOM who you might remember from our best of Youtube article is currently hosting a massive giveaway which includes everything from steelbook releases of classics like Brain Damage (AKA Dead Alive) and FIght Club to action figures and VHS tapes and you can pick 5..FIVE! of these items if you win! How do you win? Go check out this video on their channel, but hurry the fuck up the contest closes next month!



but good luck winning..because this was how I chose to respond..beat that!

It’s becoming abundantly obvious as  sales of DVD, Blu Rays and movie tickets plummet more and more that the (not so) old adage is true..Internet has indeed killed the Video star. While I’m not ready to accept that death and find the prospect both terrifying and extremely disheartening I’ve got to admit that The Internet entertainment industry (youtube in particular) has indeed offered up a unique and often entertaining entertainment experience (that statement might be redundantly redundant..but it’s true nonetheless) Sure, just like most entertainment formats most of what’s up for grabs is..poop. In fact I would say that the more popular the more shitty (mostly because Hollywood has firmly inserted their collective cock and firmly penetrated this new format and they’re the ones who can pay for advertisements and false views and likes to encourage sheep to view and like in kind..but I digress) ..but there is indeed a lighter more promising aspect to Youtube. As a man who grew up loving Public access shluck and dreaming of a day when everyone could join together and have a massive, worldwide PA station..this shit is a dream come true! So now that we’ve wasted time droning, let’s take a look at THE TOP 10 BEST OF YOUTUBE.

10. geeklegionofdoom: Review channels are a billion for a half a quarter of a 10th of a plastic penny on youtube. The majority of them are kids ages 10 to 14 who simply say “This movie sucked balls” or “This shit was awesome” and then drone about nothing (shit we’ve got a few reviews like that ourselves!) but Geek Legion Of Doom is a rare gem. Showcasing everything from Super Heroes, to Porn Parodies to…rape zombies..(?) Geek Legion of Doom present charming, oftentimes funny reviews with clear concise reasoning as to their opinions..They’re like us..only English! and everyone knows English accents make everything Better! Here’s a little taste:

Go check them out, give them a like and subscribe!


9. juanfreakshowcaparasI’m a sucker for special makeup effects. The art behind the art is oftentimes even more fascinating then the effect itself. Juan “freakshow” Caparas is a breathtakingly talented young artist who works primarily in masks, latex makeup, and models and creates some of the most bizzare, off the wall and (most importantly) unique creations I have ever seen. Instead of simply showcasing his creations with stock music and a spin like most artists on youtube, Juan not only shows us the process, but creates an intricate story for most of his creations, giving them soul, personality and a dimension that really makes them come alive in my mind. It’s literally impossible for me to pick a favorite on this guys I selected one at random

..but you seriously need to make sure you have a few free hours when you check out this guy’s won’t be leaving quickly I promise you that!


8.troma: Yeah, Yeah. I know what you’re thinking: “But Drew, you WORSHIP Troma, how can they be at number 8? Well I had to be fair and honestly the majority of the content on this channel isn’t original content so I have to give the higher places on the list to those that have more of that to be fair..but with that said the official Troma movies youtube channel is fucking amazing! All of the classic Troma films can be found there free of charge (and without fear of prison) by None other then everyone’s favorite perverted Uncle Lloyd Kaufman! You’ll also find some zany extra cheesy videos of various men and women in Troma outfits shouting and doing..things..No it’s not a fetish site..but that doesn’t mean you can’t masturbate anyway.


7.epicmealtime The cooking channel is fun and all..but who the hell really wants to make a kale infused french brulee? We’re actually hungry goddamnit! We need a channel for hungry, provision wasting, overeating maniacs by hungry, provision wasting maniacs! The Canadian connoisseurs of compulsive consumption collectively known as Epic Meal Time heard our grumbling bellies and answered with some of the most insane culinary concoctions ever created…and a fuck ton (exactly 10 and a half shitloads) of bacon!


6.planetdolan: Want a bit of variety and a whole lot of snarky commentary? Planet Dolan (and Danger Dolan in particular) have got you covered. From strange creatures, to serial killers, to banned cartoons and dangerous toys, Planet Dolan is a smorgasbord of oddities perfect for wasting an afternoon…or 30.

5.fluffeetalks Today’s news syndicates suck ass, let’s face it. We’re all tired of hearing about terrorist threats and the latest epidemic..Sometimes we just want to hear a Canadian stoner talk about some psycho with 82 Julia Roberts tattoos..Well Fluffee is that stoner .


4.billypop: Now, I know I’ll get flack for adding one of our longtime friends and collaborators to this list..but I simply can’t make a list like this without including Billy (The Kanadian Kadaver) Bloodshed/Pop.  Billy’s channel is another one where you can find all sorts of shit, from cover music to original music from Billy’s awesome band Billy and The Guttersnipes, to Billy’s unique brand of film reviewing. He may just be the most talented intoxicated midget since Danny Devito. More importantly you can’t watch this friendly fuck’s videos without feeling like he’s your Buddy..Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, maybe it’s a Hippy/punk thing..or maybe it’s those fantastic nipples..either way We love you Billy..In a homo way.

3.schmoyoho: Modern mainstream music is horseshit. With the advent of Autotunes and the lowered standards of the consumers literally anyone ANYONE could be a top ten pop artist. The delightfully irreverent and silly group of (surprisingly talented) people who make up Schmoyoho (Good luck saying that shit!) prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt with their Songify series where they take Viral videos, Newscasts and all sorts of other videos and turn the speakers (or drunken slurrers…or screamers) into better pop singers then the record companies have offered in the last 10 years! Be prepared to have songs that aren’t songs stuck in your head for the foreseeable future and getting strange looks from co-workers when you suddenly belt out “My neighbors got big testicles man we seen this dude everyday!”’ve been warned!…Now songify us damnit!

2.frogleapstudios: All to often people are quick to dismiss Cover bands as talentless or as just being a gimmick..But when said band is one dude, playing every instrument and that dude can take Like A Virgin, Let It Go, and Barbie Girl (just to name a few) and make them into face melting metal music.. You gotta take Notice! Leo Moracchioli is a native of Norway and lifelong Music obessor who has the midas touch..except instead of turning things to gold he turns Pop shit into Metal Ambrosia! He also does some great acoustic covers and awesome instructional videos..but you’ll still never be as good as he is..Just saying

1.richardgalefilsm Today’s filmmakers tend to take themselves too damn seriously (trust me I deal with them on a daily basis so I would know) So when I discovered Richard Gale and his twisted sense of humor, down to earth regular guy approach to dealing with the public and fans, and talent for making blockbuster quality content with two nickles and a half a piece of stale bubblegum I was instantly captivated. Most notably about this channel though is the Creepy, hilarious, just wrong creation that is The Ginosaji. A pale skinned, spoon wielding unstoppable Japanese demon who has for reasons unknown set his sights on poor Jack and turned his world upside down. What started as nothing more than a purposly overlong joke trailer soon became an internet sensation, spawning interactive videos, a web series and an actual feature length film (which is currently in the works) Everything about this channel is addictive..we’re just sad that there’s not more.