Happy Valentines Day! I hope that one of the gifts from your special someone this year was a pair of reading glasses (and a barf bag..and maybe some Valium…if you got that please share..I need it after this marathon viewing session) While every other site is sure to touch onRead More →


Four years ago I typed in “zombie bowling” into google search..I don’t remember why (ok so maybe I typed in Zimbabwe bowels for sale and auto correct changed it..don’t fuckin judge me!)..But I do remember that among the games, the puzzling Hillary Clinton photos and the obligatory porno I sawRead More →


  I love movies. The day I stop loving them is the day I’ll shut this bad bitch down..But I have to say I have to watch alot of….poop. And quite a bit of not even fun poop, just straight up boring incomprehensible dog shit in a hat.  So CompaniesRead More →


For those who are regulars here at B-is For Best The name Richard Griffin is likely a name    that will ring bells.From the silly psycho sexual antics of The Disco Exorcist to the wild 80’s gorefest that is Murder University Richard has quickly solidified a spot deep in the heartRead More →