Watching this wonderfully brutal, head hacking-ly hilarious little film and reviewing it simply wasn’t enough. Per-Ingvar is such an interesting and all around entertaining fellow that I couldn’t resist the need to sit down to an extensive interview with him. Here’s what he had to say: I figure I’llRead More →


After watching and review this odd little piece I became a bit obsessed and with the help of my good friend over at Wild Eye Releasing I got in touch with the man behind the release of this “footage” a little know filmmaker named Harold Brodie, here’s what he hadRead More →


You and your company tend to make parody/homages to genres mostly forgotten by the general public why is that? I think it’s because we make what we enjoy! My favorite movies include MANY older Italian horror movies like “Zombi 2” and “Hell of the Living Dead”, giant monster TV showsRead More →


I recently had the opportunity to speak with the wonderfully artistic and surprisingly open director Lars-Erik Lie (director of The Thrill Of A Kill) via email and ask him some questions about the film and himself. Please keep in mind that Lars-Erik is Norwegian and English is a second languageRead More →


What’s your favorite movie and why? My favorite film of all time is 12 ANGRY MEN. All of the elements come together.  The writing is outstanding, the character development is the best I’ve ever seen, and the acting is perfect. This movie takes place in one room and it isRead More →