Who doesn’t love amusement parks? Rides, canopy music, clowns, Sideshows, The smell of blooming onions, funnel cakes, Philly cheese steaks, corn dogs, popcorn and other deliciously greasy foods Barkers shouting excitedly from their booths to come try your luck as crowds of people mile around chatting excitedly. Something aboutRead More →


  I love marathon viewing movies, as someone who suffers from a rather severe case of insomnia coupled with not having need for much sleep i grew up on the practice, sometimes watching up to eight films at a time…unfortunately my practice of waking up at 11:00 am and maybeRead More →

giant rubber monster movie

I love a good parody, with that said as of late most parody films i see miss the mark by miles, choosing to simply steal scenes and make them goofy rather then do what the greats did which was to lovingly recreate iconic scenarios in a comedic light, i hadRead More →


  I’m a big fan of supposedly bad movies, especially the old creature features with the ridiculous rubber monsters. Films like Attack Of The Crab Monsters, Giant Leaches, and my personal favorite Killer Shrews. i even loved The Crawling Terror. As of late homages and supposed throwbacks are on theRead More →