Ok, so alot of people have pointed some things out to me or questioned me on them so i guess it’s time to touch base on them. I’ll make this as quick as possible. The first big thing that people \keep asking about is why i don’t tend to nameRead More →

the first question i wanted to ask is one that a lot of my readers and friends that have seen the porkchop films and the zombie babys film ask and that is Eamon Hardiman you’re real name? and if so what ethnic background does the name originate with? if notRead More →


Anyone who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s remember a phenomenon not seen very often today, that phenomenon was the Mom and Pop video store. Walking up and down isle upon isle of cardboard cases with bright vibrant pictures proudly displayed. Pictures of scantily clad women, monsters, animals, explosions,Read More →


How many of us horror nerds growing up always secretly wanted our own Jason? our own Freddy? our own…homicidal flamboyantly gay vegetarian spatula obsessed Dallas fan…? Well for best pals and horror nerds Onkey and Merv that’s exactly what happens!….almost. With tag lines like “cheap, sick and offensive…i loved everyRead More →