Happy Valentines Day! I hope that one of the gifts from your special someone this year was a pair of reading glasses (and a barf bag..and maybe some Valium…if you got that please share..I need it after this marathon viewing session) While every other site is sure to touch on MY Bloody Valentine today, we decided to go the extra mile and give you not only our hearts but all the other great internal organs that people tend to forget about on this special day..and genitals..alot of those got mutilated in these films as well…That’s right, Gory Guts And Goofiness is back! And this time around we’re going really crazy (I must be crazy I just dedicated  nearly ten hours in a row to films with the word “shit” in the titles!) Before we dive into Andreas Schnass  let’s take a look at a newcomer to the splatter genre, none other than the mad man behind the soon to be b-movie cult classic The Icing, Derek Braasch. This time around he went all out nasty with MURDER FOR PLEASURE


MURDER FOR PLEASURE introduces Victor, a young man who witnesses the violent death of his parents as a child and deals with the trauma in a very unorthodox see for Victor therapy isn’t working, violent dreams and urges are consuming him, and what scares him is he’s not sure if they’re even dreams..and he likes them..a lot. The only connection to a normal life that Victor has is his girlfriend Max but more and more he’s worried that his darker side will get the best of him and that Max isn’t nearly as safe to be around him as he’d like to believe.

I have to be honest. When i first sat down to this film I wasn’t at all sure how I would respond to it, in fact I thought it was going to suck. The first scene of violence was…underwhelming and actually pretty Goddamn funny (I have to say it’s the most hysterical attempted rape of an obese mother leading to a double homicide in front of a child scene ever committed to film. [Put that on the next run of posters me!])…but as things progressed a funny thing happened..I found myself absorbed. Not only that but the gore effects and acting got steadily better and better…Was it Oscar worthy? Of course not! This is a fucking Splatter/Exploitation picture, you want style and class go jerk off to Gone with the wind. We’re here for the Gory Guts and Goofiness damn it! And on those fronts, this thing delivers more than the city buses deliver underage crackwhores to Planned Parenthood on Free Abortion Day! The fella who plays the role of Victor plays up the role of split personality suffering psychopath to the Nth degree, hamming and mugging like Patrick Bateman having a colonoscopy while simultaneously enjoying a multiple orgasm whenever he’s doing his thing..and what is his thing you ask? Well..Let’s see, beyond a severe plastic bag fetish, our boy Victor also enjoys such delightful activities as castration, forced abortion, amateur dentistry, necrophiliac rape, and of course, murder while committing rape..followed by more necrophiliac rape..But then there’s Victor’s tender side, the caring, almost fatherly shy recluse who just wants someone to love..or maybe just’s honestly hard to tell..he’s pretty rapey all the time. All of the acting here was pretty cheesy..but to be honest in the case of this film I think that was done intentionally. True purveyors of Splatter cinema will tell you that the over the top cartoonish portrayal of characters in films like this one are one of the hallmarks of the sub-genre and one of the reasons we the fans dig it so much. Without the cheese, films like this would just be too damn mean spirited. The”unintentional” comedy makes us a little more comfortable with the disgusting shit we’re seeing on screen..and Derek..if this was an accident..well it was a beautiful accident so just nod your head and go with it brother, no one has to know either way!


The gore here was Outlandish, over the top and copious. Some effects worked better than others, but overall considering the abysmally low budget Cheevies films had to work with they did an awesome job and even the stuff, like the de-fetusing sequence where the pregnant girl’s belly looked suspiciously like a wrinkly blanket under her shirt work because they’re so hysterically obvious that audience members will enjoy a good laugh…if you want to feel like a complete sicko go lube up a My Buddy Doll and watch A Serbian Film, you can watch Murder For Pleasure without feeling bad, it deals with some truly fucked up shit but does so in a way that will inspire more laughs and  bro elbow jabs than psychiatric examinations.

Overall I give MURDER FOR PLEASURE 2 middle fingers chopped off and sanded to the bone. Derek really found his calling with this film, it joins the ranks with films like US SINNERS, DAY JOB and DEAD BODY MAN as a truly fun, truly fucked up Splatter film that’s sure to please Splatter junkies more than Ellen Degeneres pleases her swollen clitoris to Revlon ads

The series of films we’ll be discussing next have quite a history for me..Remember the analogy I made in the Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer DVD update about it being like a VHS I’d find in the dumpster of a Goodwill? Well that wasn’t just something funny to say, it was something I LITERALLY did as a child and teenager. In fact dumpster diving and side of the road free box shopping was how I got about 80% of the extensive collection I had (the rest were shoplifted or bootlegged…Neither of which I support..ARGGGG) On one of my more fruitful dumpster diving sessions I found what we 80’s and 90’s kids referred to as a video mix tape (For those unfamiliar this was when someone took a VHS set it to extended play and recorded multiple films or TV shows on it..Before the internet this was the best way to discover new and obscure films..we’ll talk on that more in another article though) tapes like this usually have some titles listed on them but this one had just one word..but it was a word that sure as hell caught the attention of 12 year old me..that word..was FILTH. I knew from how my Grandmother described the films I loved most that if something was called filth chances are it was going to kick ass. So I stashed that bad boy in my ragged old Grinch Gear backpack along with the copy of Black Devil Doll From Hell i had discovered and a battered old slipcase version of The Guyver and I headed for home. I barely said hello to my mother before slipping into my room barricading the door and eagerly popping the grime covered Magnavox VHS into the 300 pound behemoth I called a VCR. Surprise, surprise, the majority of the tape was porn, but sandwiched in between The Football Widow Perverted Stories 26 and Don’t Tell Daddy (which somehow wound up with a hysterically appropriate snippet of that old Where’s the Beef Wendys commercial in one of the scenes.) Were two of the oddest things I had ever seen at that point (and honestly  even today these things still rate in my top 100 which says alot) They also marked an important milestone in my life..they were the first two true blue splatter films I had ever seen..Now I’d seen plenty of Slashers and quite a bit of gory films at that point..but to me Splatter is a totally different animal. Splatter is over the top, cartoonish, atrociously bad in a wonderful way and nothing quite captures these attributes like Andreas Schnass’s VIOLENT SHIT Series


VIOLENT SHIT Introduces Karl, a man who as a child murders his own controlling mother at the behest of a demonic entity. Years later Karl has become a mindless unstoppable killing machine, murdering and mutilating anyone who comes into his path..and that’s Violent Shit in a nutshell.

Sounds pretty basic right? I mean that synopsis could be applied to virtually thousands of slasher films produced from the late 70’s to the early 90’s, but see Violent Shit is..Special. Karl cuts off tits, castrates and eats genitals, rots for no apparent reason comes back from the dead, finds and murders Jesus in the woods then incubates in his abdomen and even..GIVES BIRTH…?

VIOLENT SHIT isn’t a’s a serial killer’s drug induced wet dream filtered through the severed head of a boiled fetus, dipped in raw sewage and served rotten with a side of what the fuck.

The acting here is indescribably bad, there’s no characters so much as their is soon to be corpse cameos, characters show up, look confused and than die..but boy does Karl have a lot of fun doing what he does. People tend to associate Karl with the oversized steel mask but that’s a misconception as that particular look actually belongs to Karl’s son in the sequel. Karl The Butcher Shitter Sr. is a barefaced pudgy hillbilly in biballs who looks like an extra from Beverly Hillbillies only homeless and addicted to crack cocaine. Why does he rot? How does he give birth? What the fuck is with the have to take a piss scene? No one knows..but that’s what makes this thing so much fun!


I won’t sugarcoat things, the cinematography here is downright painful. I can deal with the ultra low grade shot on shiteo look (in fact I enjoy that) but when things get all..experimental with oddball frame by frame shots in what I can only describe as retarded child’s coloring book vision it gets downright headache inducing. When I first saw this film I spent several minutes adjusting tracking and even cleaning my VCR to try to fix what I thought was some kind of weird tracking issue..but no, Schnass intended this..Why? because VIOLENT SHIT that’s why!


The Gore here is what we all came for, In a film called VIOLENT SHIT you’re either here for the red stuff or you think it’s a shisda fetish video, so does Violent Shit deliver? Hell fuck’in yes it does! Karl brandishes a meat cleaver big enough to slaughter Godzilla in one swing and boy does this motherfucker use it..and use it..and use it! The gore here is certainly of the cartoonish homemade variety and much of it is unconvincing to the point of being laugh inducing but that’s where the fun of this little “classic” lies tongue (and cock, and liver and heart and brain) is firmly in cheek here and if you don’t see that Schnass was playing this thing for laughs on purpose than you might want to get your head checked.

Overall I give VIOLENT SHIT one middle finger a quarter of the way extended. While the flick is a hell of alot of fun, it takes alot to get used to the weird headache inducing way that a large portion of the way it’s shot. It’s definitely worth a watch though if you’re looking for a film who’s title is exactly what you’ll find inside.

Now back to 12 year old me..Just picture me, 12 years old, hormones raging pecker in hand when this shit started assaulting my senses. I didn’t know what the hell had hit me, this was a whole new kind of fucked up and i was so blown away that I gripped that wilting little pork whistle for dear life the whole time it was on. When the end credits hit I was a little disappointed, a little relieved and a lot of in need of time to process what the hell I had just seen..That’s when the sequel came on.


VIOLENT SHIT 2: MOTHER HOLD MY HAND begins with a drug deal between..Japanese business men ninjas…? that suddenly erupts in violence as a man in a mask that’s part hockey mask and part knight’s helmet comes out of nowhere to dispatch the two groups of men involved…this is how we meet our anti-hero Karl The Butcher Shitter Jr. That’s right the baby from the first film is now a grown man and making Daddy proud by continuing the family tradition of mindless slaughter..and genital consumption…lots and lots of genital consumption… But little Karl isn’t alone, he’s found a kindly elderly woman (by kindly i mean evil sadisdic and obsessed with watching slaughter of course) who adopts Karl Jr. and keeps him on the straight and narrow of mindless massacring.

This film is where The Violent Shit series really picks up and fully embraces it’s hilariously bad nature. It’s full of ludicrously off one liners, buffoonery and splatterstick, it’s purposely random and it’s a lot of damn fun. I know The Cinema Snob has already made this comparison but it’s hard not to see the fact that this film is a mash up of Friday the 13th parts one and two and Mothers Day..but picture what would happen if a sexually repressed 15 year old Jeffery Dahmer saw those films once while extremely drunk then mixed them up, got his hands on a few hundred bucks and a cheap camera and decided to reshoot them and you get a better idea of what to expect from this one

The acting here is noticeably more Loony Toons-esque, with Karl Jr. taking on the role of a murderous Lenny, letting loose goony laughter and moving around like a bushwhacker on shrooms. The victims are once again simply there to be cannon fodder, but the added bit of personality of the killer and his surrogate mother make this one a huge improvement from the first.


The gore here is also an improvement, it’s still over the top, in fact if anything the ante has been upped in that department and the level of mutilation has become even more impossibly excessive but the effects are much better lighted and believable, there’s also quite a bit more of it. With a respectable kill count of 30 (most of them quite gory) there’s plenty here to delight even the most hardcore gorehound

The cinematography is still very off kilter..but we start to see quite a bit of improvement with this one, the angles are much easier to digest and while there’s a few scenes in that horrible coloring book vision used in the first we see a hell of a lot less of it which was an enormous relief.


Overall I give VIOLENT SHIT 2: MOTHER HOLD MY HAND no middle fingers up. It’s an enormous improvement from the first and it’s perfect for gorehounds and bro parties alike.

I had a pretty sizeable break from Karl and his offspring. in fact I honestly had no idea that there was any films after the second until an impulse buy during an intoxicated Amazon shopping spree after my tax returns came in in 2014 brought me face to face (well face to mask really) With Karl and his offspring once again and this time..they had a whole group of friends! The title I found Violent Shit 3 under was Zombie Doom and the coverart was a terrible close up of one of the zombies from Reanimator Academy I only bought it as a companion piece for my copy of Premutos which likewise featured the same zombie for some reason but in a different pose. I had no idea what the film was as I didn’t even read the synopsis. When It arrived and I slid the VHS out of it’s slipcase and into my VCR boy was I surprised.


VIOLENT SHIT: INFANTRY OF DOOM (AKA ZOMBIE DOOM) Opens with a group of men on a boat becoming stranded on a desert island. Soon afterward they are captured and brought to an encampment inhabited by…an entire army of Butchers! The only hope of escape for any of them lies in a failed convert of Karl The Butcher’s cult/malita..also..a nazi doctor and zombies..and fuckin ninjas..because…VIOLENT SHIT.

The irony of this being an accidental impulse buy is that out of all the Violent Shit films of the original trilogy this one is by far my favorite. This is the one where Schnass just said fuck it and went crazy. You can tell this was the one he had the most fun with and it’s by far the one with the most resemblance to a plot. It’s still Violent Shit, so it’d be a stretch to say it makes a whole lot of fact this one is almost as nonsensical as the first..but in it’s insanity and seemingly random approach at storytelling lies the appeal of this film. You never know what to expect but you know whatever it is will be batshit crazy, funny and of course Violent and shitty. This was the movie where Schnass seems to have realized exactly who his target audience is; 13 to 30 year old man-children who just want to something wild and fun and hyper violent. He throws in everything a fella like us could want, gore, Nazi villain, Ninjas, Zombies..and more gore..a FUCK LOAD more gore..Plus this is the first (and only) Violent Shit film where we get both Karl The Butcher Sr. and Jr. ..although neither of them look anything like themselves..Jr. has become a cross between a caveman, Conan The Barbarian and a Flesh Light and Sr. looks like the lovechild of The Cryptkeeper, the corpse from Nekromantik and Michael Jackson..Another oddball thing about this little diddy is that literally every member of the milita EXCEPT the two Karls look just like Karl The Butcher Shitter Jr…Why? Well I think you can guess the answer to that.karljrviolentshit3

The acting here was…really really fact it was terrible to the point where it had to have been done this way intentionally. There’s two versions of the film, German with extremely questionable subtitles and horrendous English dubbed. If you’re like me and you get a kick out of bad dubbing you’ll love this shit as it’s by far THE WORST dubbing ever in a film..It’s literally one guy who sounds like he’s reading his lines from the bottom of a well into a rusted coffee can and being recorded onto a thrice used cassete tape..I’m not kidding even a little bit. It should also be noted that a good 40 percent of the dialog consists of variations of the word shit..So if you want thought provoking dialog then look elsewhere but if you’re watching a film called Violent Shit 3 expecting that than chances are you’re a botched abortion or just a cry baby who’s watching simply to complain…Like this fella


Want to see a grown man who still has bunkbeds and is angry about being an eternal virgin so he lashes out at filmmakers in between masturbation sessions..check this guy out! He’s a hoot..for added hilarity check out the comment section..we’re still fucking with him..we’re assholes like that :)’re welcome for the free publicity Mr.Bunk Bed..High five!


The gore here is (surprise) once again the most enjoyable part of this film, with scenes like a quadruple decapitation by the biggest guillotine ever to appear in a film (only Violent Shit could make public execution into a team sport!) slow burn zombie decapitation by bare hand, and some very fun and creative uses of meat hooks and chains that would make Pinhead cum in his bondage dress

The cinematography here is mostly once again of the shot on shiteo variety however we see more improvement in how scenes are shot and how steady the shots are framed. One puzzling thing though is that certain insert shots and scenes are apparently shot on 16mm film..what I have to wonder is if this option was available why didn’t Schnass shoot the entire thing this way..well one possible reason is that the scenes that are done in film are quite a bit more grainy and out of focus so perhaps Schnass chose to shoot the rest of the film in the traditional format of the franchise for this reason..or perhaps he was just too fucking broke to afford that much film stock..either way, while some critics have shit on the film because of this little odd ball choice I think it adds another element of what the fuck to the overall film and keeps with the overall feel of the entire thing. I personally dig it.

Overall I give VIOLENT SHIT 3 two middle fingers chopped off and sanded to the bone. To me it’s by far the best of the original series and if you have to choose which one you see I’d pick this one and since there’s no real continuity to this series you’re safe to jump in at any point with no worry of getting confused..well any more confused than you’ll already be if you try to make coherent sense of this series at all I mean.

There’s two more Violent Shit films to cover here but before we get to those I think we need a bit of a let’s take a look at some films sent over by our good friend Paul Michael McAlarney of Ungovernable Films. For those not familiar with Paul, he’s the mad man responsible for Honky Holocaust and after watching the following films I discovered something unbelievable. Honky Holocaust is the MOST TAME FILM UNGOVERNABLE FILMS HAS MADE THAT WE HAVE SEEN..Let that digest for a second..a movie about a massive racewar in a black dominated white segregated alternate future involving the Mason family and who’s coverart features a man crucified on a the most tame thing these guys have made..with that in mind let’s take a look at a film who’s very title is likely to to cause at least some of you to immediately stop reading this and boycot us..but fuck it…ladies and gentlemen GAY JESUS


GAY JESUS opens in a seedy motel in the heart of Jerusalem where Christ and his lover Judas are staying. Judas is completely smitten with Jesus and only wants the Messiah for himself but Christ is dedicated to his well as to pleasing Mary Magdalene. Satan sees his opportunity and manipulates Judas into turning Jesus in to the Romans.

I figured this one would be offensive, insane and stupid..and it was..Oh boy was it. When we’re talking about a film which contains a rather graphic sex scene between Jesus and Judas and another between Jesus and Mary Magdalene how could it not be? But one thing I certainly did not expect was the fact that this thing was going to be so fucking good!

The acting here was a hell of a lot better than it has any right to be. Everyone did an excellent job with playing their roles pretty straight regardless of the ludicrous nature of the project. The Romans were the exception as they were all off kilter and Kooky but that was intentional..because Romans actually WERE a bunch of Kooky flamboyant butt fuckers! Jesus, Judas and Satan stood out the most here. Christ came across as compassionate, and wise yet Naive and almost childlike at times..He also managed to ooze sex appeal..Which makes me feel pretty fucked up saying as a heterosexual male and kinda-Christian..but there it is, picture The Jesus from Ultra-Christ mixed with a dab of Freddy Mercury and perhaps a little Brian and you’ve got a pretty good idea. Judas was the perfect spurned lover; watchful, jealous but too in love to walk away or say anything that could hurt Christ. He’s in pain but he’s too obsessed with The Christ to put his foot down. The little exchanges between these two was so organic and  delightfully light hearted that I had to wonder if perhaps these fellas were really lovers in real life. Satan is the punk rock type, rocking 90’s style punk gear, hair that looks permed and with two naked, constantly flesh feasting demon women with him he’s what would happen if you cross bred Jim Morrison and a petrie dish..everyone in hell is straight..clearly. An interesting choice was going really old school with Satan’s nature. He’s not evil in the posses your body/attack you with zombies/make it rain blood type of way..No he’s more subtle. A trouble maker who takes the situation already unfolding and gives Judas a little nudge in the wrong direction. I really dug this little detail and it was this bizarre mixture of scriptural accuracy and complete nonsense that really made this thing pop.


The Gore here wasn’t excessive like in most of the titles we’re discussing today but there was plenty of it and it was so over the top and silly that it added nicely to the hilarity of the whole a film includes a woman committing suicide by sword douching…yeah see this fucking movie! wait until you see the crucifixion…Paul you’re a sick, sick bastard!

The cinematography here was another aspect that was waaaay better than it had a right to be. Shot on digital video the movie nonetheless went for creative angles, smooth pans and cuts and an excellent use of colored lighting and filters to create a luxuriously lavish laugh reel that was almost like a Gialo movie ass fucked a bible epic inside of a gay night club and spontaneously aborted this bad boy in the most beautiful way.

Now Like I said, I’m a quasi-Christian and Jesus is my homeboy..But honestly if you take this thing seriously and view it as a portrayal of fact rather than the hysterical little parody it is than you’ve got the issue not this film

I give it two middle fingers chopped off and sanded to the bone, it’s silly, off the wall and gleefully offensive, if you’re easily offended..hell if you can get offended at all, than this one is something you should avoid at all costs, but if you’ve got a sense of humor and want a well made film that’ll make you laugh in the most inappropriate manner imaginable than Gay Jesus is for you..and best of all you can watch it..FO FREE!

The next film we’ll be discussing is (in my humble opinion) Ungovernable films’ opus, their masterpiece of madness if you will..That film is The Ungovernable Force


THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE Introduces Sal Purgatory, a young punk with a  hard on for love. After breaking up with “the love of his life” Sal soon after falls for a new punk rock chickie that he sees and imprints on immediately. After a brief foray into stalking and the imbibing of far too many drugs the two meet and against all odds fall instantly in..Love? Lust?..they fall for eachother..The cute little chickie joins Sal’s little click of surly slackers and everything should be happily ever after..unfortunately for all involved the cops in this fucked up city are punk hating neo-nazi scum suckers with a serious boner for raping and murdering the local female homeless population. After a dead bum is discovered in our favorite group of anti-establisment odd balls’ hang out the group wind up befriending the city’s homeless and before long Sal convinces them to do the unthinkable..wage all out war on the police and take down these motherfuckers once and for all. With the help of the mob and a little bit of..chemical warfare the punks take to the street and flood them with blood, shit, cum, and every other imaginable bodily fluid and solid.

An Amazing mixture of SLC Punks, Dazed and Confused, Romeo and Juliet,Kids, Street Trash, Red Skulls, Dead Beat At Dawn, and Slime City Massacre, The Ungovernable Force starts out as the ultimate dudes just hanging out punk movie and suddenly thrusts the viewer into all out insanity with a plot that doesn’t just grab you by the balls but shoves it’s fingers up your ass strokes your shaft, tongues your peranium and makes you call it Mama.  When this thing started I wasn’t sure what I was getting into in the least and Paul knew what the hell he was doing by allowing us to get to know the characters as friends before suddenly thrusting them into the most insane situations imaginable.

The acting here was fucking excellent, that’s one thing I have to give to all of the Ungovernable Films movies we’ve looked at thusfar, yes there’s some camera mugging and some craziness but for the most part these young people are more than capable of bringing believability and an enduring quality to their characters. Another brilliant move was giving our lead, Sal, the LEAST defined personality of the group, He’s an every man, while he looks a bit like the Fonz (only with a lot more meth and a lot less hair gel) his attitude is pure go with the flow slacker, he’s not out to do anything but keep breathing, keep pissing off cops and keep jamming the fuck out to his tunes. That makes the change to revolutionist all the more harrowing. Unlike other films with a scenario like this, Sal fucking sucks ass as a leader, he folds under pressure, is selfish and completely clueless..all this makes him more identifiable than the majority of Heroes in films in the past 20 years..Why? Because deep down all of us old school punks are Sal, we either were this dude or are him right now. My personal favorite character here was Jonas the gay punk, this guy was hysterical every scene he was in he stole and I gotta say I have a lot of respect for the fact that even though the character was openly and proudly gay he wasn’t doing the whole “Heeeeeey” type shit. He was just a dude who happened to be gay. One of my favorite lines in the movie was when Jonas asks his buddies why he always has to play the gay one when they fuck with some jocks to try to make them think they’re about to get raped. The genuineness of the question had me in stitches, this actor is going places, mark my words.

The gore here is off the fucking wall, it’s like they learned from Troma, turned it up to 11 and mixed it with fetish porn! Lloyd Kaufman should be rimming Paul in excitement because Ungovernable Films is the future of Troma, he needs to hold onto Paul and not let him go because if he doesn’t continue to be an asset to Troma he’s likely to prove to be a serious competitor for Smut/Shluck/gore king

The music here is fucking phenomenal. As a lover of real Punk music, I hate what this generation calls Punk. Bubble gum pop purposely played a little badly with a whiny lead singer and lyrics about skipping school and pinching eachothers’ asses isn’t Punk music, those fuckers are a whole different kind of punk (as in the ass bitch variety..we’re looking at you Blink 182…and we’re masturbating..not because we like you..because that’s what we do when we stare at cunts) Paul Michael McAlarney isn’t just some Director making a Punk themed movie to cash in, this motherfucker is the real deal, he’s a Punk himself and it doesn’t show up any clearer than with the epic soundtrack he added to this insane mind fuck of a movie, featuring  bands like Art Attacks, Gang Green, Pagans, Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, Lude Boys, Protex, Raxola, The Kids, External Menace, Moose Knuckle, The Mob, Misery, Flux of Pink Indians ,Revolt, Chachi on Acid, Zounds, Victim, Night Birds, The Blood, Paranoid Visions, and  The Insane (just to skim the top of the pot) you’ll be having acid flashbacks of facefucking your bestfriend’s sister in the basement of a local bar in no time. If this soundtrack isn’t available for purchase yet it fucking needs to be!

Overall I give THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE 2 middle fingers chopped off and sanded to the bone. This thing is a beauty to behold, something to show your girlfriend’s grandmother right before the roofies kick in and the Chinese food delivery guy shows up. It’s exactly like West Side Story except completely different. And it’d be a lot easier for you to masturbate watching it then it would be watching ALF.

So..we had our little break and you know what time it is? VIOLENT SHIT that’s what time. Schnass had intended Violent Shit to be a trilogy reaching it’s full apex of insanity with Infantry of Doom and then move on to other films..Unfortunately fans didn’t understand this and another film that he released that also featured a madman in a steel mask (although this was more of a helmet) was incorrectly referred to as Violent Shit 4. That film was Nikos the Impaler and we’ll discuss that one in another article in the future, as much as I love Schnass I’m already in much need of therapy after marathon watching 4 of his films to refresh my memory for this article..I can’t do five..and I might as well have because we still have the remake to get to after this…*shudder* So what did Schnass do? The only logical thing he could do..He made the “real” Violent Shit 4..but just so fans wouldn’t confuse this Violent Shit 4 with Nikos The Impaler he called it Violent Shit 4.0 Karl The Butcher Vs. Axe..which caused alot of people who mistook it for the newest version of AOL on CD-rom to be very surprised..and still less disgusted than they would have been if they were right.


VIOLENT SHIT 4.0 Begins with our old friend Karl The Butcher Shitter jr. in Hell where he’s been wasting away (and somehow getting much older and much fatter) for 25 years. Satan comes to him and informs him that there is a new killer that is worse than he is on Earth wreaking havoc and sends Karl back to do his thing once again and take down the Killer, another metal mask wearing nutjob named Axe. When Karl arrives back on Earth he discovers that is now a wasteland where the genders have divided  forming rival violent gangs and raping and mutilating eachother.


This was one of only two of the Violent Shit films that I hadn’t seen previous to preparing for this review (the other is the remake) and I was actually really excited to see old helmet face do his thing again. Before this Schnass has always upped the insanity and violence and absurdity up a few notches with each installment so I couldn’t wait to see what he came up with for this one and the fact that he was joined by Timo Rose (the sicko behind Barricade) as a co-director I was even more stoked…and perhaps that was the wrong frame of mind to go into this thing with.. It’s not that Karl The Butcher Vs. Axe isn’t fun, quite the contrary it’s got plenty of ridiculous story archs, nonsensical plot twists and silly off kilter’s just not quite..VIOLENT SHIT. So much time is spent on the two gangs and their quarrel that Karl and Axe are kind of just..there. They’re footnotes in a film that is named for them and that irritates me. What’s worse is..WHO THE FUCK IS AXE? Seriously, there was hundreds of awesome underground slashers that Karl could have fought..I mean come on! Why not Ogroff? Hell why not Premutos? Anthropophagous?  Hell even Nikos would have been awesome here. There was so many options but instead we get…Some guy with a giant poorly made axe? What the hell?karlandaxe

The acting here was once again cheesy and over the top, but in this one it seemed..forced. Whereas the other films seemed like a group of friends mugging and being assholes in front of a camera and was fun to watch here it seemed almost condescending. Like some of the actors involved were saying “fuck it, it’s Violent Shit. The fans are stupid assholes anyway so fuck effort.” Both Karl and Axe were a hoot to watch when they were on screen but honestly there just wasn’t enough of them to satisfy me. I really think Schnass only made this one for the fans and sadly it shows that his enthusiasm for revisiting the same material just wasn’t there.


The biggest insult to us Shit Heads came in the form of the gore in this one. The practical stuff was the same awesomely over the top splatter stick we all love (although the flair for creative kills wasn’t as prominent as in the three previous films) But here’s where the kick in the balls come..THERE’S CGI IN THIS FUCKING THING!!! Yeah that’s right, CGI in a Violent Shit film, and it’s lazy too, They fucking CGI blood for godsakes! it’s fucking blood Andreas, you’ve made truck loads of the shit over the years, You’ve created practical effects of every conceivable form of bodily mutilation imaginable (and many that aren’t) and did so with virtually no budget..You get a little bit of money and a collaborator and this is what you do? What the hell man! Not cool!

Overall I give Violent Shit 4.0 one middle finger up. It’s still a fun watch but it strays so far from the rest of the series that honestly if you want Violent Shit 4 I’d stay with Nikos the Impaler or better yet Unrated.


When I discovered that VIOLENT SHIT was set for set to be remade I had mixed feelings. On the one hand I felt it was time for poor Karl to be retired after the last installment disappointed me so much..but on the other hand I had always wondered what the character would be like with a little bit more development and a linear story built up around his rampage. When I saw that it was set to be written and directed by Symphony in Blood Red Director Luigi Pastore and that this bad boy is set in Rome and actually continues the story rather than trying to do a full re-do I was intrigued. Once I saw the 2.5 rating on IMDB and the general consensus by critics that this was an irredeemable pile of shit I knew it was time. I donned my moldering cape, and jumped in. This flick needed The B-movie Avenger!


VIOLENT SHIT:THE MOVIE (Not to be confused with Violent Shit The laxative) violentshitlaxatives opens in Rome where a series of murders is being investigated by two detectives (one a native of Rome, the other a visitor from Germany) The bodies are mutilated beyond belief and our German Detective soon realizes that they are likely to be the handiwork of Hamburg’s own infamous killing machine Karl The Butcher. Things continue to point toward this theory until neither man can deny the fact and must locate and stop this seemingly unstoppable  thought to be dead maniac, but all is not nearly as simple as it may appear as our favorite furnace faced fiend is actually only a puppet to much darker, power hungry mad man who will use Karl for his deepest darkest desire.

..I have no fucking clue what movie these morons who shit all over this thing were watching..but it sure as fuck wasn’t Violent Shit: The Movie. The biggest complaint I’ve seen was that the acting sucks..well first off IT’S A FUCKING SPLATTER MOVIE It’s not high theater, not only that but you’ve got non-English speaking actors speaking English..WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT DO YOU EXPECT HERE! with that said the acting, while shoddy yes, was certainly better than anything seen in the original series. Both detectives and our shadowy puppeteer (whom I won’t discuss much to avoid spoiling anything) actually put in performances that were pretty damn good if you ask me. Italian Detective had just the right amount of cocky skepticism to make him believable and relatable without making him come across as a complete dick and German Detective did a great job conveying a restrained frustration at not being taken quite seriously enough by his co-worker. In an American film we would have seen him flipping his wig and blowing his stack..but the bottom line is, Europeans tend to be a bit more..professional. Our Karl here was hammy enough to be recognizable to fans but he was a little less of a cartoon character and possessed a menacing quality not inherent to the character in any of the other films..I have to say I see that as a major improvement.

Another aspect the douch bags who watched this thing just to wipe their asses with it seem to want to harp  excessively on is the story..The biggest pronouncement being that it makes no sense..Bullshit. I honestly believe these idiots didn’t even watch this thing they just read eachothers’ reviews, plagiarized them and called it a night. This film has the MOST plot of any Violent Shit film, and granted that’s not saying much, but the plot is there and it’s put together in a way that doses out the kills and suspense in a way never seen with this franchise. there’s not only plot but subplots and while the characters aren’t overly deep (hell as far as I can tell some of them don’t even have names) there IS character development here, including a bit more back story and logic behind Karl’s nature which I really appreciated as I’ve always believed he was a character deserving of more depth than he was ever given. Things do get weird, a bit surreal and certainty over the top at times..but not only is this a Splatter’s also an Italian Horror film, how could it not be? By nature it needs to be all of those things to work and believe it or not THIS FUCKER DOES WORK.

The cinematography here was a little bit sketchy. there was alot of shots I wish the cameraman would have backed the fuck up for and it can get a bit disorienting being so close to a character that you can taste his nose hairs but it’s also very crisp, beautifully lit, and has some stellar use of colored lighting that brings to mind the work of Argento and Fulci. Overall this is another aspect of the film that I’d say was done very well. Is it perfect? No, but neither are your grandmother’s tits and I love those too.


The gore was another aspect that people whined about, in fact one reviewer even claimed most of it was off screen…that man must have smoked a SHIT TON of PCP before watching this movie because he could not have been more wrong on that front. Not only is there an enormous amount of gore on display here but it has BY FAR the most convincing gore of any Violent Shit film..Is it a little more subdued and less cartoony? Is there more time to wait in between kills? Yes but honestly it’s worth the tradeoff for a better paced more even film.

One thing that was sadly missing in all the Violent Shit films was a good score..This movie changed that in a huge way, employing the talent of  the legendary GOBLIN to really give this thing some staying power. Sadly I don’t own official copies of any of these films..I actually had to use a bootleg disc sent to us by a well meaning (though misguided) reader to refresh for this review (please consider this review an act of penance for watching pirated material, something I am completely against) so I don’t have a copy of this soundtrack..but damn do I wish I did!


Overall I give Violent Shit: The Movie 2 middle fingers chopped off and sanded to the bone. It does an amazing job turning Karl into a serious contender in the slasher world and I sincerely hope there will be three of these like there was with the original trilogy. Don’t listen to the idiots who tore this apart, tell those cock jockies to stick to reviewing Paranormal Activity part 65 and leave the indie film reviews to us. You definitely need to pick this one up.

I had intended on ending this article with reviews of Olaf Ittenbach’s Dard Divorce and Beyond The Limits..Unfortunately securing working copies of these films in time for this article proved to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. the discs I had for both films were foreign imports and sadly would neither play on my blu ray player or my we’ll have to wait on those..If any reader out there has a copy of either that you can part with, please feel free to click the Make B-is For Best America Again link at the top of the page for out our address.







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