When I first requested the following film, I have to admit I got it with rather nefarious intent..you see my wife (You know her as Super Nes.S) is fuckin terrified of dolls, to be more specific; Porcelain dolls. The idea of making her watch ad review a film focused on a film literally titled “THE CREEPY DOLL” was, to my twisted little mind, quite hilarious…

Well like most things in life, that didn’t happen. You see, when I made my little plan I forgot to factor in the fact that my wife definitely wears the pants in our relationship and trying to get her do something she doesn’t want to is like trying to get a quadruple amputee to do a lively jig (other then the worm of course) it just aren’t happening. When she said no I told her what for..in my mind, in reality I said “yes dear” and started watching it myself like the good house husband I am…anyway, this one comes from the kick ass folks over at Big Biting Pig productions (the same fellas who sent over the film LUCID, which we talked about not long ago in a video review)


creepy dollTHE CREEPY DOLL: Follows Kate, a troubled young woman from an unhealthy home with a doll obsession. Kate has met the man of her dreams in the charming (if awkward) young man, Jason, her new husband. Soon after marrying Kate finds herself with child and the two lovebirds move into Jason’s childhood home. Soon after they arrive Kate’s doll collection shows up and her obsession becomes apparent for the first time, especially in the case of one doll which Kate calls her “guardian.” Jason becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Kate’s special doll as is anyone else around it. To confound things even further Jason’s old heartthrob Samantha comes into their lives, reminding Jason of the old flames and causing a potentially deadly jealousy in Kate. It quickly becomes apparent that the guardian doll may not be just a play thing..but is it capable of murder? 

Engaging, deeply unsettling and completely believable even at it’s strangest moments, THE CREEPY DOLL is a rare gem amongst horror films today in that it’s equal parts character piece drama and classic insanity mystery. Rather then go for lame cheap scares this one cuts to the bone and touches the fear in all of us that one of our loved ones (or even ourselves) could go completely mad.

The characters here were very well handled, with my favorite being that of Kate, who manages to convey both a feeling of childlike innocence, and a creepy factor that reminded me alot of some of the greatest silver screen nutcases; Norman Bates and Annie Wilkes from Misery. This actress (and I’m having to fight to avoid naming her and breaking my own rules) is going places. While the entire class is top notch she was certainly the one who shined the most and stole the show.

There wasn’t a whole lot of gore here, but to be honest that worked in the favor of this little piece, as too much would have taken away from the serious tone of the entire thing. One thing that absolutely deserves mentioning though, is the design of the doll itself. This thing was fuckin’ creepy as hell. I’m not afraid of dolls but even I would probably pee a little if I woke up with that thing at the foot of my bed.

The cinematography here was mid level digital, but, much like LUCID excellent camera work helped to give this one a respectability not often found with a lower level camera. Cinematographer Steve Hudgins did a wonderful job working miracles with very little.

I have to talk about one more thing before I end this review, and its a first for me to mention. The DVD artwork. When i opened up the case for this DVD I came face to face with what has to be one of the creepiest (and coolest) pieces of disc artwork I’ve ever seen. All it is is a closeup of the doll’s face..but holy fuck is it effective!

Overall I give this one no middle fingers up. If you’re looking for a great psychological Horror film that manages to both feel like a classic horror film and also be completely original then i highly recommend checking this one out.

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