Most of us know o at least one serial killer. in today’s day and age they are just as idolized, followed and receive just as much fanfare as the biggest names in sports, movies and other media..But how many of us know actual killers personally? Not many..But what if you did? What if that nerd you made fun of at work took out his anger at you an an innocent person and killed them brutally? What

if you were the final link in a chain of abuse that broke someone to the point where their humanity and morals completely flee from them? What if you created a monster without even knowing it?

US SINNERSUS SINNERS follows the tale of Tim Conelly an awkward mama’s boy who in his late twenties still lives with his ultra religious overbearing abusive mother. His coworkers disrespect and mock him constantly, he has no luck with women..But he is good at one thing, you see Tim has a hobby, he kills prostitutes, and does so quite brutally and in a psycho-sexual manner. But one day a young woman comes to work at Tim’s job, things seem to be looking up, but when even that crashes and burns for Tim he goes on killing spree and If Tim was bad before, now he’s a really naughty boy and only one person can stop him.

With it’s raw home made look, graphic disturbing imagery that is sometimes so bizarre it borders on hallucinatory and worst case scenario approach Us Sinners is a truly upsetting thing to watch..However that’s why the film is genius. Every element of the story causes us the viewers to ask ourselves a painful question..Who is the real monster in this situation, the murderer or those who drove him to kill in the first place? It presents the idea that a killer is not simply born evil but becomes so over time by various stages of inhumane treatment coupled with a weak psyche. That while Tim is bad, the world who created him is to blame and is just as bad or in some cases perhaps even worse. The sinners mentioned in the title are not Tim (obviously not considering it’s pluralized) but us, society as a whole who create monsters like Tim through lack of kindness and shunning those different from ourselves.

I must say also that this film had the most shocking and unexpected ending i have seen since the infamous climax scene in Nerkromantik.

I give this film no middle fingers up. It’s shocking, disturbing and at times very gross but it’s a far cry from senseless torture porn like the Hostel series and those that can look deeper into the film will see it for what it is, the tragic tale of one man’s descent from a broken man to a raging beast.

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