HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THESE GUYS BEFORE?: A Review Of The Bootsy Cox Productions Horror shorts vol.1 DVD

HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THESE GUYS BEFORE?: A Review Of The Bootsy Cox Productions Horror shorts vol.1 DVD

For those who’ve been paying attention to this site for awhile, you’ve probably grown accustomed to my habit of purposely seeking out film makers and films i know nothing about and reviewing their stuff. It gets tiresome to watch films that we all hear about constantly and see everything of in the trailers so it’s refreshing to, whenever possible  go into things completely blind, that was the case with my discovery of a small production house that calls themselves (of all things) Bootsy Cox. A brother and sister team who with the help of some friends and some borrowed equipment made their dream of becoming film makers a reality. I contacted them recently and they were nice enough to send over a DVD collection of their short Horror/comedies (as well as their film SEVEN DOWN which i will be reviewing later this week) I wasn’t expecting much (i never do nowadays) but i must say i was pleasantly surprised, since this is a compilation i’m going to review each short and then give my overall rating of the entire shabam.

ABBY DUX ZOMBIE SLAYER : is a mock trailer for a non-existent film of the same name, showcasing an everyday restaurant cook fighting off hordes of the undead…with a ..burger shaper?
This short was a bit bare bones and empty, although it was self aware in it’s stupidity and had the good grace to show that. It did garnish a chuckle out of me in it’s low running time and that in and of itself is quite the feat. over all i give this short a middle finger a quater of the way extended, i feel they could have fleshed it out a bit, but it was mildly amusing so it served it’s purpose and having the line “See bad fighting with no martial arts” made it very human and much more realistic then most of the zombie fair we see nowadays and i think that was the intention of the film makers.

ALL SAINTS DAY Tells the story of what world famous slasher icon Micheal Myers does on his day off, does he murder busloads of school kids? Lay dormant in his childhood home like a statue waiting for the next Halloween? Nope turns out old Micheal is much like every . one else,trying to sleep in, going to a Birthday party and helping to open the pinata,and  hosting a backyard Barbeque. This short was great, really showcasing the film makers’ ability to find humor in the simple act of recreating mundane situations and inserting an absurd character who doesn’t belong. However once again i felt the short wasn’t quite all it could have been, there was so much they could have shown Myers doing that would have been great but they left it short and simple, it’s still a great short that deserves a look but it could have been better with a little more fleshing out. i give this one middle finger a quater of the way extended as well.

ZOMBIE YULETIDE Takes a much darker turn then the previous shorts, opening with zombie holocaust surviors Coddie, Jamie and Clark on Christmas day, a knock at the door suprises and shakes them but when they open it they find somthing much worse then zombies..Christmas Carolers! I actually really enjoyed this little short it was gritty, to the point and fun and the suprise ending was fun but once again i feel as if it would have worked better with a tad more fleshing out, call me a grouch but when i see zombie in the title i expect to see a horde of zombies and nunfortunatly that wasn’t the case here. Once again i give this short one middle finger a quater of the way extended.

THE GUY WHO CRIED WEREWOLF  Is the only short on the DVD never available to view online and so the main reason people will purchase this DVD, It’s a smart little parody of the cheesy “reality” show craze telling the story of Guy Ragnar, a man who was set on being the next big big TV survivior expert until his carrer is cut short when a werewolf wipes out his entire crew except himself. The ghost of one of his camera man appears to him and informs him that the only thing that can stop the wolf is “a six shooter of silver bullets”…not the gun, a six pack of coors light. Using a faux  renenactment  show called Baffling Tales as a platform for the story The Guy Who Cried Werewolfhits dead on, poking fun at the cheesy amateur acting, horrible reinactments and bad costumes seen in almost all of the supposedly factual paranormal shows seen throughout the years. many people who see this short won’t get the joke and will dismiss it as simple bad acting and storytelling but being well versed in the shows it’s parodying i see true genious when i see it. I give this one no middle fingers up. It’s a true testiment to the potential of the film makers and is funny enough that it just might work for a feature film if done right.

Overall i give this DVD collection a middle finger a quarter of the way extended. it’s far from perfect but at the same time all the shorts show real talent and a love for film making, more importantly they show potential. With a bigger budget and a longer running time it’s a big possibility these young film makers could make something truly great, and this DVD is certainly worth the mere 7.00 it will cost you on their website

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