I’m not a big fan of Lionsgate “entertainment” to put it nicely, and with good reason considering amonst their titles are such shithouse movies as The Chair (literally a movie about a ghost chair) and tortur porn like the Saw and Hostile series. So when a friend suggested i watch and review Fido, a 50’s style zom-com, i was hesitant to say the least. As i said with DYZB Zombie films have become all the rage and 9 out of 10 are absolute shit nowadays. .. surprisingly Fido falls into that rare 1 perecent that isn’t.
FIDO follows the story of little Timmy. Timmy is a very lonely, socially aquard middle schooler living in a post zombie apocolyptical 1950’s America.  The other kids hate him, his dad is embaressed of him and makes no time for him, and the neighbor hood bullies never miss a chance to harass and abuse him, just about everything in Timmy’s life sucks until his Mom decides it’s about damn time their family join the in crowd and get themselves a house zombie. You see when radioative space dust makes it so no one who dies stay dead a scientist creates shock colar-like devices, making them docile and obediant and creating a new industry. Timmy’s family up until now never joined the craze because his father was forced to kill his grandfather after he became a zombie, causing a deeply routed fear. Timmy soon becomes attached to their new zombie, giving it a name (Fido) playing catch and other games with it and Fido even protects poor timmy from the neighborhood bullies when the sadistic little bastards decide it would be fun to shoot him in the face at close range with an air riffle. But when Fido’s collar malfunctions after he is brutally beaten by a rotten old lady and he eats said old lady truning her into a zombie a new epidemic breaks out and it’s up to Timmy, Fido and Timmy’s mom to cover the whole thing up so the family won’t “disapear”

With vintage music, cars and style, mixed with goofy gore, dark humor. Fido views like My Dog Skip with Skip being replaced with Bub from Day of The Dead (in fact the title zombie looks quite a bit like Bub which i’m sure is no coincidence)  Fido is a wonderful little film, more of a boy and his dog film with a zombie then a zom-com. the humor is subtle and never mean spirited and the film doesn’t even have foul language or nudity let alone graphic violence.

The film also serves as an awesome period piece and the willful ignorance and forced niceness of the 50’s works beautifully with the zombie angle for some reason, i think mostly because of how the working class was treated in that era, as we all know zombies make a great working metaphor for the working class…

i give this film no middle fingers up. i cannot recommend it enough, if you are looking for a zombie film the whole family can enjoy i can’t think of one i would recommend more. SEE THIS MOVIE!

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